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The humility of art #art

There are different types of photography and they all require different skills and approaches. I’ve done a lot of landscape photography and that seems to be what I’m good at. There is also various types of photographic art and I think this photograph falls into that category and so I’ve had it printed.    Read the rest of this page »

Short term and long term #investments

We have to think both short term and long term when we invest. While we want to see a return on our investments on paper because that gives us a virtual return and so adds to our financial security. We also want to see real returns when we sell or when we collect dividends. Read the rest of this page »

Autumn offers #thrifty

There are lots of ways we can save money and we don’t have to become really mean to do it, not unless money is really short. We need the basics; a home, food and water. We also need to pay taxes. Read the rest of this page »

Cliques and clichés #ramble

I live in the Black Country in the heart of England, where there are lots of canals and “down to earth” people. Well, they’re “down to earth” most of the time. There are also cliques, groups of people who spend a lot of time together. Read the rest of this page »

Photographic art #photography


I took some photos on Sunday and I’ve been doing some editing to try to create something artistic. There are people who think photography can’t be art because it’s too easy. Snapshots obviously aren’t art, but when you take some trouble to compose a shot and then edit to produce a desirable image, then it can be classed as photographic art. Read the rest of this page »

Art and other things #ramble

History of Wednesbury

I edit photos sometimes and try to do something artistic with them. I did this one for the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook. The idea was to help people connect in some way to Aethelflead, a warrior princess that the town has a connection in history with. Is that art? Does it have some value? Read the rest of this page »

Crash: is it over? #investments

We have seen the stock market fall from over 7,000 to under 6000, is the carnage over? I think to call it a crash is an exaggeration, it’s really a market correction with a sprinkling of panic. Read the rest of this page »

To forge a traditional candle holder

Forging a traditional candle holder

A featured post by Rachel Wildman (Black Country Metal Works)

As proud Black Countrymen, we are passionate about preserving the traditional skills of our ancestors and sharing the classic art of blacksmithing with new generations. Read the rest of this page »

Planning for autumn and winter #thrifty

It’s the first day of October and in many government departments this is the day the heating is switched on. I switched mine on a few days ago but have the thermostat set lower than usual and I’m wearing a warm jumper more! Read the rest of this page »

Heritage: a start in life.

Lock keeper's cottage at Park Hall Walsall.

We all inherit something from previous generations. We have recorded history, culture, historic buildings, music and art. Then there is a more personal heritage that we inherit from our closest family, that consists of values, beliefs and traditions. Some people seem to have a better start in life than others. Read the rest of this page »

Autumn experiments #photography

AUTUMN 2015 The Delves, Walsall

I was in the mood for experimenting with photography this week and did some shots into the sun and played around with camera settings. This shot was a little boring, so I put my car in the foreground to make it look more interesting.

Read the rest of this page »

Supermoon eclipse 2015


Early this morning the earth cast a shadow on the moon. It was a supermoon and so larger than normal and also an eclipse. I was out in the garden taking photos.  I’ve put them all together into this animated GIF. I took the photos every 15 minutes until there was darkness.  A moment in history recorded!

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