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FTSE 100 record #investments #finance

FTSE 100 sets a new record

The FTSE 100 climbed to new highs this week and although this gave investors confidence, red lights flashed on my dashboard. With interest rates still rock bottom and even negative interest rates being considered, institutional investors are looking for safe havens on the stock market. Read the rest of this page »

Pre-shoot settings #photography

MOORCROFT Pre-shoot settings post for photographers

We went to Moorcroft Wood in Moxley  (Walsall) to take some photos. This is the Walsall canal and the bridge across to Moorcroft Wood. In previous articles I said to use a narrow aperture for landscapes to get depth of field. Read the rest of this page »

Inside the mind of a writer

Inside the mind


I think writers start off young, they are dreamers. They say that most writers who write fiction begin by being day dreamers as children. All children have the time to daydream and to imagine all sorts of things. So I suppose all children have the potential to become some kind of writer. Read the rest of this page »

Forward guidance #investments

forward guidance

Last August Mark Carney governor of the Bank of England issued his ‘forward guidance’ on interest rates. He told the market that he intended to keep the Bank rate at its current historically low 0.5%, at least until the unemployment rate fell to 7% or below. Can we rely on that? Read the rest of this page »

Wide apertures #photography

1 post with exif

Last week I looked at wide apertures for portraits, that can get your subject in sharp focus, but the background out of focus. This photo isn’t one of my best ones, it’s just the concrete post in the garden that holds the washing line. You can see easily that it’s in focus while the background is blurred. Read the rest of this page »

Investment strategy #investments #finance

investment strategy image

Different people view investments differently, some think long term and some think short term. Greed drives some people to invest and the need for financial security drives others. As a small investor I keep an open mind, but favour companies that are basically good companies, but going through a difficult time. Read the rest of this page »

Portraits and people #photography

I’ve talked a lot about apertures and shutter speeds in these lessons on basic photography. A wide aperture gives you a short depth of field and so your subject will be in sharp focus, but behind your subject will be out of focus. This can be useful for photographing people, wildlife and for food photography. Read the rest of this page »

Slick branding #branding

synapses used in a post about slick branding

We see slick branding everywhere these days as companies coordinate and harmonize their image across the globe. Slick branding is even practised by the young who coordinate their designer clothes and wouldn’t be seen dead in anything but their favourite brand of jeans. Read the rest of this page »

Economical with the truth



In the UK we have a general election in May, so the political parties are beginning to lay out their policies. All the political parties appear to be being very economical with the truth. They seem unable to understand the world economy and their economic models on super-computers aren’t any help. Read the rest of this page »

Aperture and depth of field #photo

Picture courtesy of Nikon

The diagram above gives you some idea of apertures, the narrowest ones can be little more than a pin hole. Most lenses don’t go very wide. On a bridge camera they tend to go wider. On my Nikon the widest I can set the aperture is about f/3.5, more expensive lenses will go wider. Read the rest of this page »

Addicted or social relationship?


I read an article over the weekend about new research into addictions. It suggested that people can get addicted to all kinds of things because the addictive substance becomes a replacement for our connections to other people. I think it meant we fail to relate to other people. Read the rest of this page »

Money – what is it?


I went to the supermarket this week and bought my food and household products as usual. The cost often goes up. Is that the value of the goods going up or the value of my money going down? Value is usually determined by supply and demand. If there is a shortage of bread, the price goes up. Read the rest of this page »

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