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Market Makers #investments

stock market

Market makers are often the topic of discussion on the boards of investment forums. They are often blamed for all sorts of things! the London stock exchange has members who are official market makers and guarantee to trade in certain stock. Read the rest of this page »

Capturing the light #photography

HORSE AND JOCKEY - capturing the light

This is the Horse and Jockey in Darlaston. I was asked to photograph it after it had been repainted. It was winter and dark days, so I had to wait for some light. The best time when the sun was on it would be in the morning. Read the rest of this page »

Culture and nostalgia #life

I live in the Black Country where the humour is self deprecating and there is a tendency for us to underestimate ourselves rather than overestimate. There is a tendency too, towards straight talking without fine words or embellishments. There is a rich Anglo Saxon culture and a dialect to match. Read the rest of this page »

Safe harbours? #investments


Last weeks election is all over now and we have to consider the political consequences. We also have to watch out for bubbles in the market. Interest rates are still ridiculously low and so many investors are happy to get a low return even from the stock market. Some safe shares are priced too high as a result. Read the rest of this page »

Planned #photography

BC (37)

My first picture today, is Jubilee Park in Tipton. We were passing yesterday, so I checked  it out. There will be a carnival there next month and I wanted to look at the scenes and where the event would be held and check parking. Read the rest of this page »

Variety is the spice of life #life


People often put all their energies into just one thing. It might be their career, their hobby or that one special relationship. The problem is when they lose their job, the relationship breaks up or they are no longer able to pursue their hobby; then they feel heart broken. It seems that, variety, is the spice of life. Read the rest of this page »

Finance Friday #austerity


It’s too early to predict the full result of the general election, but it seems likely that the Conservatives will have a thin majority. We can expect more austerity and cuts, so how will that affect investments? Read the rest of this page »

Boer War Staffords #photography


Boer War Staffords

I went to West Bromwich Manor House on Sunday to photograph an American Civil War re-enactment by the Anglo-Boer War Staffords. It’s obviously an event with lots of action and opportunities for good photos. Read the rest of this page »

Uniform history affecting our lives #life


I went to West Bromwich Manor House yesterday to photograph an American Civil  war re-enactment. Not really history that I can identify with, but still interesting. History shapes society and gives us our culture. Read the rest of this page »

Politics and #investments #GE2015

The stock market has been a little rocky as investors wonder how the general election result will affect their investments. The minimum wage might go up and put a strain on those companies that have a lot of low paid staff. However, many of those companies will benefit from increased sales. Read the rest of this page »

Tipton Cut #Tipton #Photography

Black Country (52)

The Black Country has miles of canals. These water filled channels, cut through the Black Country in the 18th century provided a means of transport at the beginning of the industrial revolution. Now they are used for recreational purposes and by narrowboats traders. Read the rest of this page »

Political uncertainty #investments


The London stock market still looks shaky this week with political uncertainty making traders and investors nervous.  I’m old enough to remember a few governments and so although cautious, I’m not too worried. Last week, I lost about 2% on my portfolio, but gained this week. Read the rest of this page »

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