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Finance Friday: RBS, Tesco and Solo Oil

If you have been following my finance posts you will know I started investing on the stock exchange a few years ago. I see it as an education, I’m still learning. Yesterday, was an interesting day just before the market closed there was news of an oil strike that sent shares in Solo Oil soaring. Read the rest of this page »

Life skills, images and perceptions

Sunday 19th October 2014 around the Black Country (2)

I’m used to manipulating photographs to give a different artistic image and I change images using social media too. I’ve noticed advertisements on television advising young people to acquire ‘life skills’, so they can better present themselves at interviews when they are looking for a job. Read the rest of this page »

An Autumn afternoon around the Black Country

Sunday 19th October 2014 around the Black Country (33)

Last week, I photographed the Vintage Fair at West Bromwich Manor House. This week there were no events to go to, so I decided to photograph the Autumn colours. I began at Red House Park, in West Bromwich. Read the rest of this page »

Finance Friday: investors and speculators.

There are a lot of different types of investments. Labour this week announced a policy that would stop some ‘buy to let’ investments. I think borrowing money cheap to buy run down properties to rent out to desperate people is simply being a parasite. We need proper investment in housing, not get rich quick speculators. Read the rest of this page »

Human capital–because we’re worth it…

Wednesbury Pool

When I had influenza, I needed a little fresh air so I went out for a while and took this photo of the tree changing colour as autumn passes. I like writing and I like wandering around taking photos, so I’m doing what I like to do. Read the rest of this page »

Manor House Vintage Fair

Manor House vintage fair -  12 October 2014 (11)

There were lots of events through the summer for me to photograph, but now Autumn is here, there are fewer events and many are indoors. I went to West Bromwich Manor House yesterday to photograph the Vintage Fair which was held both indoors and outdoors. Read the rest of this page »

Finance Friday: economic theories

You spend years at university learning economic theories about market forces and supply and demand, get your bachelor degree and maybe a Master’s degree to boot. You go on to become a banker, politician or economist and then you find out real life doesn’t match the theory! Read the rest of this page »

Experiments in photography and art

hand cart with border

This was one of my favourite photos and so I had it printed on canvas, 30 inches by 20 inches. Notice that I added a border for them to wrap around the frame. I took this at Forge Mill Farm in Sandwell Valley Country Park. Read the rest of this page »

Common cold or influenza?

Every time I see my doctor he advises me to have a flu vaccination. These are normally available from October onwards. I didn’t even get a chance to stop this year’s flu. I caught it on the last day of September. Read the rest of this page »

Familiarity breeds contempt


I took this photo in the town centre yesterday while waiting for a friend. I thought about how run down and ugly it is. I photographed the traffic warden or whatever they call them now, giving some poor sod a ticket. Read the rest of this page »

Acoustic Alliance at the Vine Inn, Darlaston


I went to see Acoustic Alliance at the Vine Inn, Darlaston on Sunday night. Megan was accompanied by Chris Nicholls on the guitar and sang numbers from the sixties up to the present day. Read the rest of this page »

Creativity and learning

Artistic edit of a image

Today’s picture was taken in a place I often go and I’ve taken similar images many times. This time, I did something different, I used a filter and edited the picture differently to create art. Learning is about repetition, we keep practising until we have perfected the skill. Read the rest of this page »

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