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Community photography

Wednesbury blogger and photographer

Mike Maynard, editor, writer and photographer - Wednesbury

Welcome to A Zillion Ideas!

I’m Mike Maynard and I’m a community blogger and photographer. I’m also the founder and editor of this site. I live in Wednesbury in the Black Country.


The blog posts on this site are published nearly every day and include posts on photography, writing, saving money and finance. On a  Sunday, I put my thoughts into words and just ramble, often with some humour.

I take photographs around Wednesbury and the local area.  I’ve done other things in the past few years such as helping students with the writing part of their studies.

This year I’m trying to get more involved in the local community and photograph local events, especially charity and community events.

Wednesbury history

I’m also an admin of the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook, which is very popular.  I have a Facebook page for a Zillion Ideas too. I am developing the ideas for that page and it’s slowly becoming more popular. You can see my photos on my Facebook page as well as experience an eclectic mix of art and photography.

I also welcome enquiries from local people about my writing and photography and will often attend community events and take photographs.

I am making the posts more about Wednesbury and the Black Country to more effectively serve my local readers, but will still write posts of general interest. If you would like to write for A Zillion Ideas then just send me an email the address at the bottom of the page. You can also follow me on Twitter or Instagram.

Just click to go to POSTS to read the blog posts.

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