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Finance Friday: Red lights are flashing?

“Six years on from the financial crash that brought the world to its knees, red warning lights are once again flashing on the dashboard of the global economy.” says David Cameron.

For many people the red lights never stopped flashing, in fact they see black smoke coming out of the exhaust… Read the rest of this page »

Its nearly Christmas

Wednesbury Christmas

I’m starting to think about Christmas, like many other people. I have to get presents and food for guests. I’ll also be out taking photos, like this one I took last year. I know, our Christmas lights are a bit pathetic. Read the rest of this page »

Photography: How to take better pictures

Enchanted 2

I mostly use my Nikon D3200 DSLR with it’s separate lenses, filters and speed-light, but you don’t need expensive equipment to take good photos. This picture was taken with my Fujifilm S5600 in 2012 and came out good!

Read the rest of this page »

Whats The Deal With Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

A featured  post by Lily Donaldson (Lily is a writer in the United States)

Are They Too Good To Be True…?

Black Friday, a US shopping tradition is something that is now filtering through to the UK. It’s seen as the real start to Christmas shopping across the pond and typically starts the day after Thanksgiving has concluded. This year, in the UK, it begins on November 28th. Cyber Monday is the shopping event that takes place solely online on the Monday after this (confused yet?) so in the UK, it will occur this year on 1st December. Read the rest of this page »

Photography: photographing fireworks

Firework explosion

Photography: Photographing fireworks – Mike Maynard

Fireworks are one of the hardest things to photograph, especially with a DSLR. Capturing the exact fraction of a second that the explosion occurs is part skill and part luck! This image is quite spectacular and artistic! Read the rest of this page »

Finance Friday: Finance and politics

Our finances and politics are inextricably linked. The latter keeps changing and so we have to try to keep up and take political policies into account when planning for the future and deciding on investments. Politics in the US took a shift to the right this week, which is good news for rich investors, but bad news for others. Read the rest of this page »

Mindful Gifts open their first shop


Yesterday I went to the official  opening of the first Mindful Gifts shop in Darlaston, that specialises in gifts for older people with dementia. Mindful Gifts is a community interest company that operates for the benefit of the community, rather than personal gain. Read the rest of this page »

Me and Tech

Autumn 2014 (8)

I took this photo yesterday afternoon with my Nikon DSLR. Digital cameras are great compared to the old film cameras that we used when I was younger. I can also edit on my computer, that was impossible with film. Read the rest of this page »

Finance Friday: Stocks and shares ISA?

I’m still learning about trading on the stock market, but I find it interesting. Lots of people have a cash ISA to avoid tax, but you can also have a stocks and shares ISA, so your returns on buying and selling shares avoid tax too. Read the rest of this page »

A Walsall Arts Fest Event: Three Days in November


The Walsall Arts Fest, organised by Carolyn Bayliss have  an event next week at the Wheatsheaf Pub on the Birmingham Road.

Three Days in November

6th, 7th and 8th November

Carolyn wrote an article about this not long ago and you can read that for more information.  She has now sent me the final details of the event that I can share now. Read the rest of this page »

What is art?

Walsall New Art Gallery

I went to Walsall Art Gallery yesterday. The weather was grey and miserable, just like Walsall really. I think the mantra of the planners in Walsall is ‘any colour as long as it’s grey’. I might as well take my photos in grey scale. Read the rest of this page »

Finance Friday: RBS, Tesco and Solo Oil

If you have been following my finance posts you will know I started investing on the stock exchange a few years ago. I see it as an education, I’m still learning. Yesterday, was an interesting day just before the market closed there was news of an oil strike that sent shares in Solo Oil soaring. Read the rest of this page »

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