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Making good decisions #life


We all have to make decisions all the time, but how can we make good decisions. How can be decide who to vote for in elections? How can we make important decisions that affect us, our families and our community? Read the rest of this page »

Rampers and rumours #investments


I wrote about the news of oil in the Weald basin last week and how that was affecting the share price of the companies involved. The statement about 100 billion barrels of oil, certainly ramped up prices, but they dropped dramatically again this week! Solo Oil hit 0.71, but is back at 0.55 today. Read the rest of this page »

Spring photos #photography

Spring landscape

The weather has changed this week and we really do have spring weather. I took some photos yesterday and there was hardly a cloud in the sky. When I was taking this shot, which I’ve done many times before, I set my camera on manual and tried to get the aperture just right so that small cloud didn’t disappear. Read the rest of this page »

Learn from experience #life

learn from a stormy sky

There is a General Election in the UK next month and the discussions about government policy all revolve around money and what we can afford. However, ordinary people; the man in the street, is concerned about quality of life. If you don’t have a job or have problems that leave you short of money, then it’s a problem. Politicians seem to have too much money and greed makes them obsessed with it. Read the rest of this page »

Solo Oil #investments

Solo oil

This week has been a better week for me on the stock market. Solo Oil and it’s partners in the Horse Hill prospect all put out an RNS yesterday that sent their share prices up. That was good news for private investors. Read the rest of this page »

Tipton Canal boat gathering #photography


The weather finally improved at Easter for a narrow-boat gathering at Easter. It was still cloudy which gave poor light, but I raised the ISO on my camera and took lots of pictures. It’s a good idea to use a wide aperture and get quite close with narrow-boats. Read the rest of this page »

Perceptions #life #art


Our perceptions of life and the world we live in depends on how hard we’re finding it. When we’re struggling we become focused on the task in hand, trying desperately to make life easier. There are many people on Easy Street, but far more people struggling in Britain today. Read the rest of this page »

Political risks #finance

political risks

I used to have the odd afternoon betting on horses on Betfair and trying to not only place bets, but to lay bets too. Now I watch the stock market instead. Some would say I’m still gambling, but we gamble all the time anyway. Life has it’s risks and we have to avoid dark alleys, but not allow fear to stop us taking risks altogether. We have to be brave and live life. Read the rest of this page »

Wednesbury pictures #photography

Hydes Pool Wednesbury

We have very changeable weather in the Black Country. This photo was taken just over a year ago on a sunny day in February and is Hydes Pool in Wednesbury; where I live. Sometimes taking a landscape like this on a sunny day can be hard. Read the rest of this page »

Nostalgia and wealth #life

Farley Park GREAT BRIDGE - nostalgia

Former British Prime Minister John Major said, “I want to see wealth cascading down the generations.” He meant family wealth like property and individual wealth. Wealth does cascade down the generations to a certain extent, but that is collective wealth in the form of historic buildings. Read the rest of this page »

Taking AIM #investments

Investing in the AIM market

I bought shares in another AIM company this week. As usual I invested half of my usual minimum amount and got a discounted dealing commission. It’s even more important on the AIM to limit your risk by investing less and diversely. Read the rest of this page »

Heritage of the Black Country. #photography


There are many things that you can photograph, it doesn’t have to be pretty landscapes. I took this photo yesterday; the first bridge carries the railway and then there is an aqueduct. You can see the steep ramp we climbed to get to the top of the aqueduct to photograph the canal. Read the rest of this page »

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