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Acoustic Alliance at the Vine Inn, Darlaston


I went to see Acoustic Alliance at the Vine Inn, Darlaston on Sunday night. Megan was accompanied by Chris Nicholls on the guitar and sang numbers from the sixties up to the present day. Read the rest of this page »

Creativity and learning

Artistic edit of a image

Today’s picture was taken in a place I often go and I’ve taken similar images many times. This time, I did something different, I used a filter and edited the picture differently to create art. Learning is about repetition, we keep practising until we have perfected the skill. Read the rest of this page »

Photography: Photographing an Event

Tipton Canal and Community Festival (23)

I photographed the Tipton Canal and Community Festival on Sunday. It’s organised by the Tipton Community Association. This is their stall at the event. It was very cloudy and so not good for photography. Read the rest of this page »

Movies Then and Now

A guest article by Fairy Dharawat

Movies reflect our culture and the collective mind-set of the times we live in. There are different types of movie and a few of them are inspired by true events. Cinematic adaptation of them is to lure the audience with a different reality. Read the rest of this page »

Finance Friday: Small Investors

Scotland said no to independence yesterday, but in the run up to the vote many investors were selling on the London Stock Market. This was an opportunity to buy, if you were brave enough. Now the panic is over, those shares are going up. Read the rest of this page »

Photography: designing a header

Midland Metro

Today I’m designing a header for my WordPress blog. I want it to have a Black Country theme. The one now is of the Midland Metro, that is known to most people and so I thought I would stick with that, but update it. Read the rest of this page »

Come the revolution

artistic picture of Loxdale Sidings

I am old enough to remember Thatcherism and there was a quiet revolution against it. Well, it wasn’t always quiet, there were riots against the poll tax and the miners put up a fight. There was also a quiet revolution. Read the rest of this page »

Finance Friday: Investing for the future

It’s been quite a good week for my investments. Solo Oil has continued to make double digit gains with good news coming from Tanzania. Read the rest of this page »

Photography and writing

I think photography compliments the writing and editing that I do. It allows me to add images to my blog posts and share snapshots of life in the UK with people overseas. It’s six years since I bought my Fujifilm S5600 and it wasn’t long before I was in the finals of a photography contest. Read the rest of this page »

Three Days in November – a Walsall Arts Fest event


Guest post by Carolyn Bayliss.

Sugar, Ironlak’s new range of acrylic paints were sent over from Queensland Australia. An email to their creative director led them to send cans over to Rob at Bench 504 at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. Because of Ironlak’s support this will be a truly global event. Read the rest of this page »

Finance Friday: Investments and multi-baggers

If you are not familiar with multi-bagger investments, it simply means the value of your investment goes up by multiples of what you originally paid for it. This is a far cry from the 1.5% per year that banks offer on some accounts (including the bonus!). Read the rest of this page »

Photography: Candid shots

Candid shot 1

Candid shots where the subject isn’t aware they are being photographed can be interesting, because you capture a moment in time. The facial expressions convey emotion, rather than a forced smile for the camera. Read the rest of this page »

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