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10 days to Christmas

Church misty

I went out to pay my window cleaner and took this misty photograph, winter is certainly here now. My car was encased in ice. It will soon be Christmas and despite the recession many of us have a lot to be grateful for. There are many people worse off too, not being able to provide for their children this Christmas.

Saving money as a student was a guest blog yesterday. That is worth reading because the same principle apply even if you aren’t a student.

I made this! was a article I posted because I was experimenting. It’s a video, featuring some of my photos. Not everyone likes the music, but if you like Bach; you’ll like that video. The music is Toccata and Fugue. I looking to see how to attach a eBook to my blog. I’m still not sure but I’ll try to do that at Christmas for a Christmas story giveaway.

Why confidence is important was Thursday’s post on finance and  confidence is important if you want someone to invest in you or lend you money.

Inspiration and environment was about art and being creative. We all need the right environment and some inspiration to achieve anything.

Neodigital Art | More editing was my ever popular Tuesday post about Neodigital Art and photography. That featured a mixture of interesting pictures. It also featured a couple that I didn’t take. That is four artists other than myself that I’ve featured now, this school of art is growing…

What is avant garde? was Monday’s psychology blog. I think my Neodigital Art is quite avant garde.  The contributors so far are writers, students and artists. You can contribute even if you’re a plumber or a bus driver. Who says a bus driver can’t be an artist too?

Do people need more culture or better role models? was my Sunday ramble. I looked at the television programmes on at Christmas. We are to be treated to what the TV moguls see as culture,  such as Downton Abbey. I saw one episode, that was enough. The rest of the schedule will be the usual crap. Crap on ITV isn’t so bad, that’s paid for by the people who take out payday loans from Wonga. I help pay for the BBC and ‘at the end of the day…’; I pay for Eastenders and fink it rubbish. No wot I mean? Innit…

It’s 10 days to Christmas now. I still have presents to get… It will be hell shopping on Christmas Eve and so there is only 6 days unless you intend shopping on Sundays. Poundland is open on Sunday and the only place many can afford this year.

Thanks for visiting a zillion ideas, I’ll be back with more ideas tomorrow. Have your say; please comment…

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