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2014: Day 1

2014 new year

It’s the first day of 2014 and it seems incredible that time has gone so quickly. I remember when televisions were large boxes with flickering pictures and only received one channel. I go to museums and I can remember some of the exhibits from my younger days. It’s a public holiday in the UK today; I won’t be doing much, I seem to be getting old…


You gain some experience with age, but it’s not valued very much by society as a whole. People value entertainers; the young who can still sing and dance. They don’t value scientists or science so much, but they want the things that scientific developments allow them to have. They want large screen 3D smart televisions, tablet computers and smart phones.


I had a quick look at the New Year Honours list, It was the usual cronies of the Royals and the Tories. No working class heroes…


Some people spend their lives achieving fame and fortune, then they are old and find it hard to enjoy it; then they die. It hardly seems worth it. Maybe in the future mankind will be more enlightened and give young people lots of money so they can enjoy their youth rather than struggling to find a job, get an education or build a career. We need young people to become professionals, but maybe in the future there will be less of a need for them to do mind destroying jobs for minimum wages.


We often wonder, at these crossroads in our lives; what the purpose of life is. I can see a pigeon through my window sitting on the branch of a tree in the rain. What purpose does that pigeon have for living? It tries to survive for as long as it can and then it dies; just like us. In the meantime, it will look for what it needs; mostly food. We have developed past just wanting what we need, we want so much more. Our purpose is still to survive, but we want happiness too. Peace and harmony is supposed to bring happiness. Does anyone have that? I think the majority of the population of the world struggle to survive. Survival is our purpose, anything else is a bonus…


Language sets us a apart from the other animals, it allows us to communicate with each other. We can make rules and have structure to our society. We are social animals that have some empathy towards one another. Some primitive behaviour that is driven by a desire to survive is still very evident. Tribal behaviour is still evident, even in the upper echelons of society.  Only the privileged few get to eat in the chief’s teepee. They are the ones that get the best feathers for their headdress or a medal pinned on their chest.


It’s 2014, a New Year, it’s time to reflect on the past, consider your future and position and then get on with it. What will 2014 bring? Society won’t be much different. People in onesies, taking selfies in the bathroom? There will be a new fad this year… As humans, we can enjoy drama, music and art. We can appreciate beauty and enjoy food that is denied to the other animals. We can do so much more than just survive. We can be so much more than primitive animals…

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