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2019, a new beginning #ramble

Sunday seems to come around so quickly these days. Time flies as they say but I’m not really having fun. Anyway, I’ll let you into the neural labyrinth and share my thoughts with you. 2019, will be a new beginning for all of us. Should we make resolutions and plans?

a new beginning


A lot of photographers would tell me that the bench in this picture is too dominant. I should have framed it so the bench was 1/3 of the way across. That is the rule of thirds. Rules are meant to be broken but the rules of polite behaviour should be observed.

Downton Abbey

I have become more aware of politics this year, especially local politics. The Conservatives tend to be all Downton Abbey, behaving properly and demonstrating to us chavs how to behave. Like Jacob Rees-Mogg they talk down to us and that isn’t a good idea in a democracy. They also tend to be old-fashioned and find it hard to cope with new fangled gadgets and concepts such as social media. At a local level, the other parties aren’t too good with social media either. 2019 will be a new beginning for social media and those who don’t embrace it will be left behind or swallowed up. It is becoming a more powerful force and also becoming more self-regulating. The Tommy Robinson fan club is becoming more isolated and mainstream politics is coming more to the fore. Brexit is clouding many of the issues but I can see some local issues being fought out using social media. I will support the local fight against the concrete sleeper and anyone who supports the proposed factory could become politically unpopular. Even local politicians who don’t declare support for the campaign against the factory could find voters remember their lack of action at election time.  I sit on the fence between right-wing and left-wing. My vote isn’t decided by some old-fashioned notion of class, it is used pragmatically. The votes of liberals like me are what decide elections and make democracy work. We are the silent majority who are not fanatical about anything and wouldn’t be seen dead in a t-shirt bearing any sort of slogan. I admit I wore a slogan-covered t-shirt to promote Wednesbury BID but I did feel a complete prat and it made things ten times harder.

A new beginning

I can start 2019 with new plans if I want to! My interests will be more artistic in 2019 and I’ll be developing my writing, art and photography. If anyone offers funding, I will check to see if there’s a catch and if there isn’t I’ll snatch their hand off in time-honoured working-class tradition. In reality, I’ll be funding it myself unless my new year lottery ticket comes up. My health will be my primary concern in January and I’ll be booking an appointment with the doctor tomorrow. I’ll stock up on certain meds in case Brexit gets even more of a train-wreck than it is now. I’ll hope for the best and expect the worst! One thing is certain, 2018 made me tougher and my opponents will find I’m less tolerant of their behaviour in 2019.

I think everyone should see the first of January 2019 as a new beginning with new opportunities that should be faced with optimism.

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