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2019 what lies ahead #Wednesburyonline

It isn’t yet Christmas and already I’m planning for 2019. What lies ahead in 2019? I can already see that some of my friends are heading for problems. I have a few red lines that I won’t cross because I’ve had enough trouble in my life. I avoid debt at all costs and will be thrifty and frugal in 2019 but not mean with money. Getting old with all the health problems that will bring can mean social isolation. I’ll work on that and try to get out more.


Too old for ambition?

I’m retired, I’m not looking for that highly paid role in life but I am still ambitious. I did a little art project recently and turned the above picture into an art card. The idea was even turned into a story by the local newspaper although the idea wasn’t attributed to me. I’m not sure why that was but my second cousin got the mention in the newspaper. I decided to go ahead with the printing, anyway. I’ve nearly recovered the print costs and distributed some cards for charity and used a few to enclose in my Christmas cards. We will have the art festival in 2019 so they might come in useful for that.


I’ve been even more involved in conflict this year and that is something I would like to leave behind in 2019. I shall continue to do what I think is right but sometimes people see my vulnerability. I shall be tougher in 2019.

2019 – creativity

Yes, I intend to be more creative in 2019. We started Darlaston Writers in 2018 and the future of that is in doubt but I will see how much interest there is. As part of the launch of that group, I started writing poetry again and some of it was quite amusing. I found that using a photograph for my inspiration worked well so there will be more poems in 2019. There is a school of thought that says just one in thirty photos that we take will be any good. There is some truth in that but I would like to reduce that ratio in my case and give a lot more thought to each and every photo. I need to recognise the leading lines more, look for perspective and employ the rule of thirds when it is appropriate. Rules, however, are meant to be broken. Creativity is about challenging the rules and challenging the norms.


I shall have to renew my driving licence before my next birthday and upgrade to one with my photo on. That will be a useful form of identification and allow me to take another step forward in the promotion of my art and photography. Details of that step are something I’ll only share with close friends! Life, after all, is a little competitive. I’ve exhibited my work for the past two years and I am considering the competition in 2019. I know the subject this time and have an idea for the picture. I won’t win but I can at least submit something that I have given a lot of thought to produce. I might produce more art cards and that needs planning and collaboration with others. I have to think about funding next year’s projects too as funds are always limited. I have to get as much value for every pound I spend as I can. Upgrading my photography can be expensive but I could just take the inexpensive option and upgrade my skill instead of my equipment. One decision I’m delaying until the new year is the WordPress upgrade. Gutenberg, do I really want it? So there are lots to think about in the remaining 12 days of 2018.

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