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2020 the year of entitlement #ramble

It’s Sunday and as usual I’ll share my thoughts with you. Yes, 2020 has been the year of entitlement when people claim they are entitled to go to the pub, entitled to ignore restrictions and entitled to have a normal Christmas. In Los Angeles, where they are entitled to everything from a high standard of living to glorious sunshine and a Baywatch lifestyle their attitude of entitlement has sent transmission of the covid virus out of control and their healthcare system into crisis.


Wednesbury town

Meanwhile, here in Wednesbury town, that same sense of entitlement means we will probably have a surge of covid cases next week as we see the transmission of the virus surged over Christmas. What can be done apart from expecting the NHS to just carry on and treat the victims the best way that they can? Maybe we can put the region into tier 3 and that seems likely to happen. It would be a good idea to require people to wear masks whenever they are out and about, even out of doors and require high school children to wear masks too, even in school. As always, I expect the government will act in its usual manner of, too little –  too late.


As always, I’m thinking about doing some photography today. It’s not much above freezing so I’m not overly enthusiastic. It is sunny though and I need to get a little exercise. I am still developing my photography and there is more to it than just fast shutter speeds. The light today is quite harsh and just pointing the camera in the right direction can make a big difference. Photography is quite technical but it is still an art form. I label most of my pictures now which makes them even more artistic as the combination of words and pictures tells a story.


Now we can look forward to 2021, vaccinations and Boris will be levelling up! I think it will take the whole year to vaccinate everyone and leveling up will probably mean the DWP head office moving north. Birmingham near the Metro perhaps? I can see extensions to the Metro being proposed too so that civil servants can easily escape to suburbia. A Metro extension to the Lickey Hills?

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