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The 21st century #life

Having lived through the second half of the 20th century, I can definitely say I like the 21st century with its computers, smartphones and smart televisions. I don’t watch much television but I am very much into social media management. Despite ill-health and disability, I do try to become involved in the community. That is usually just taking photographs and doing some publicity.

21st century


This is a favourite place for me to take photographs, it has a certain beauty. Beauty is missing in the 21st century and so I try to take an interest in the nature reserves and in the park. There are too many cars on the road and in the future people are going to have to walk more so we need to make our environment more beautiful. We need those grass verges where the wildflowers can grow. We need the trees, we need something to look at while we walk. When I say we, I don’t mean me, of course. I struggled to walk around the supermarket yesterday. I mean future generations. They will need to walk to the public transport pickup points because not everyone will be able to drive a car. Unless we start recognising that the housing crisis needs action, not everyone will have a place to live, either.

The 21st century

I’m coming up to my three score years and ten and recognise that life is finite. Very few people will get out of the 21st century alive. We’re all going to die. I will try not to waste what is left of my life and if I can, I try to help younger people to not waste their lives. We should be able to find some contentment in life. I also need to be creative and I like to be recognised for my creativity, whether it be writing, ideas or images.


Beauty is important and we can find beauty in music as well as art. I think the beauty of words is different but there is a certain beauty in a good narrative. Being able to create beauty whether it be by taking a photograph or planting wildflower seeds on a grass verge is worthwhile. Being able to perform music is to give something to others and that can be beautiful too.

The dark side

Yes, the 21st century has a dark side. There is hate and envy and all those negative emotions that some people find hard to keep under control. These emotions drive conflict, crime and anxiety. We are hard-wired to fight for survival but often the desire to survive can get twisted and people think they need the symbols of power to survive. The gold trinkets that are visual reminders to everyone else that they are important are only really important to the wearer. We are tribal by nature too and so we have to fit into our tribe or we will be shunned by the tribe. We also have to acknowledge the power of the chief and his entourage. Despite being in the 21st century, these age-old beliefs stay with us. We try to cast off these primitive leanings but deep inside each of us, they are there, just waiting to get out.

Three score years and ten

I only have three months before I reach my three score years and ten. I think I’ll make it! Statistically, we live longer these days. I could have another 30 years, I intend to live life under that assumption!

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