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35mm prime lens #photography

35mm prime


The rain finally stopped and I was able to go out and do some landscape photography and decided to use my 35mm prime lens. I haven’t had much of a chance to use it with all the rain and as with any new equipment, I have to get used to it. It goes to f 1.8 and so it is the widest lens I have.

 TED using a 35mm prime lens


You need a wide aperture for portraits and the 35mm prime gives you a sharp image even in low light. We’re organising a picnic in the park and so I hope children will want to have their photos taken with Ted, the 35mm prime might be a good lens to use.

35mm prime lens

I was using aperture priority and judging the light was difficult because it kept changing. Even getting the white balance right can be difficult when you go from dark cloud to bright sunshine in an instant. These images did turn out a little dark and so I made them lighter in editing. One problem was my live-view screen was still set brighter than usual from my last shoot when I had to adjust it brighter because it was so dark and dismal.


The 35mm prime is very fast and so useful for taking multiple shots to make animated GIFS too. You can drag and drop your images in Photoscape to make an animated GIF and then upload to Flickr or Photobucket.

35mm prime

My 35mm prime is fixed and so gives best results all the time. The zoom lenses have varying results. The 18 – 105mm, for example, gives best results at around 50mm. Not being able to zoom with the 35mm prime isn’t a big problem, I can always crop in editing. I shoot at 6000 x 4000 pixels and so I have plenty of room to crop to get the final shot I want.

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