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54 days to Spring

The Manor House

The snow’s gone! We have blue skies and sunshine this morning and the overnight rain has washed most of the snow away. There are just 54 days to go now to Spring when I will be able to go out to Moorcroft Wood and see the blue bells. There will be daffodils around too. This is the key to coping with winter, look forward to Spring. Make plans, make resolutions and  have goals.

A scientist interviewed this week said that research into invisibility could be the innovation that is needed to make Britain great again (or words to that effect). You may remember the ‘invisibility cloak’ that was in the news last November when they made a small cylinder ‘invisible’. Maybe they could make Cameron and Osborne disappear?

In California they are making designer snowflakes. The Yanks will find ways of making money out of that. Designer snowmen? Disappearing snowballs?

Also in the news, Vistajet who provide the super rich with their private jets is doing quite well in the recession. Maybe that is the way we get out of the recession, more forelock tugging and we all make stuff for the super-rich and provide them with services. We can all become servants like in the good old days as portrayed by Downton Abbey? That TV series seems popular. Do people admire the wealthy and want to be like them or do they want a return to the days of servitude? We did have lots of poor people out flag waving in 2012, encouraging the rich in their extravagant ways. Maybe the government should give more tax breaks to the rich, so they can build more mansions and employ more servants. Mind you, I’m told the Duke of Edinburgh gets lost going to the bathroom in their palace, so maybe it’s not such a good idea.

Billionaire investor George Soros has warned the global economic system could collapse and riots on the streets of America are on the way.” says the Daily Mail.

I think I would trust the opinions of George Soros more than George Osborne, but I don’t trust the Daily Mail. They just reported what was in Newsweek; mostly out of context. We do have a over complicated economic system now, with a stock market that is out of control and unregulated. Many people have pensions and the funds are invested on the stock market. Many pension funds are virtually bankrupt, the funds have got poor returns over the years because they made huge losses when the financial system collapsed. These well educated know-it-alls from Oxford and Cambridge, know all the acronyms, but basically gamble and scam with your retirement funds. We need to get back to people investing directly on the stock market and having a say in how companies are run; that means an end to nominee accounts too. If you own shares, even in a computerised system, you should have a vote in company matters. The voting should be electronic too.

According Dave and George, the economy is going into a triple dip recession because the snow cost us 500 million a day last week. That’s more than people fiddling their benefits. Not anywhere near as much as the rich fiddling their taxes of course. The cold weather put a few quid on my gas and electric bills. The energy companies will be making bumper profits again. Will they issue new shares on the stock market and raise investment to fix the gas mains and so on? No, they will use their crumbling infrastructure as an excuse to put up prices just before next years bitter cold weather arrives.

That’s it for this week, please share your thoughts in the comments box.

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