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88 days to Christmas #thrifty #frugal

Yes, I know. It is a bit early to be thinking about Christmas but besides all the hassle of buying presents there is also the cost and we want to find the bargains and get value for money. Don’t we? Autumn has only just begun but that 88 days will fly by now!

88 days to Christmas

A bit of luxury?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to buying presents. Being thrifty and frugal we tend to lean towards something practical and so we don’t waste money on luxury gifts but being bargain hunters we find it easier to find a luxury gift at a bargain price! So we can choose between something really practical for the kitchen or a bottle of champagne that our friend might otherwise never buy for themselves.

Gifts to share

Buying for couples really means buying something they can share and it is likely to work out less expensive than buying two individual gifts. I printed and framed some photos this week and they are ideal gifts for couples or even whole families to share. Check out Aldi photo for prints. 12 x 8 prints are 32p with 1.99 postage. So 10 prints would cost £5.19. If you frame them in Poundland frames you have 10 really nice framed photos for £15.19 and all your gifts problems solved. You will have to take some decent photos though!

Buying gifts to share just needs a little thought. Ask yourself what does the recipient enjoy, what are their interests and find a gift that suits them. A little thought makes a gift personalised.

88 days to Christmas

With just 88 days to go, we have to start looking for Christmas gifts as we do our weekly shopping. That might mean straying into the homeware department in the supermarket. Supermarkets also sell online now and both the quality and the prices are good. For gifts, I would choose Aldi or Tesco. Tesco is doing some really good clothes now and George at Asda is worth checking out too. Just about everyone this year will check out Amazon but with such a bewildering array of goods, it can still be difficult to choose.

Amazon deals

For Christmas gifts, it is worth checking out Amazon daily deals and you have 88 days of deals to go before the big event. I usually find there isn’t anything interesting in the daily deals but for presents, you can usually find something. I didn’t see anything very interesting today, except this cheap smartphone. For the money, it has a quite good specification.

That’s it for this week. Good hunting (for bargains).

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