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Covid-19 and stupidity. #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I’ve just put a Covid-19 update on Facebook advising people of local outbreaks. Some people are just too thick and uneducated to understand that they must keep their distance from others and wear a mask. The official guidance has been confused and has not been translated into other languages. Even signs telling people not to feed the ducks bread are multilingual! The stupidity of the people ignoring advice is one thing but when some of the people giving the advice aren’t up to speed either I tend to despair! Time for a picture I think:



I’m still keen on photographing local shops especially corner shops. They provide a good service and should be used. This one is good, it has a disabled ramp which shows it is aware of disability. I’ll be out again this afternoon looking for things to photograph. I like this picture because it features a lot of text and that says a lot about this era in time. It will be a valuable image that people will learn from in the future.

Covid-19 and stupidity

There is only one way to get through to really stupid people and that is a form of mild brainwashing. Brainwashing, of course, involves a repetitive message. Remember those “exceedingly good cakes”? I bet you still remember they were Mr Kipling’s. Of course, Boris like’s his soundbites and repeated “Get Brexit Done” ad nauseam. So he tried brainwashing the great unwashed with slogans but they weren’t quite catchy enough and he really needed them translated into other languages. It was all done in a chaotic hurry though with Dominic Cummings antics muddying the messages coming out of Downing Street. Added to that the fact Boris himself caught Covid because he didn’t catch on that he should wear a mask and keep his distance until it was far too late. He should have listened to the experts in China, but although he claims he is something of a Sinophile (his words) he is in fact the opposite. He thinks he is better than other people and certainly better than people of other races. Like Trump, he has a nationalist streak that has driven the Brexit crusade and echoes the obsessions of Herr Hitler of 80 years ago. He slandered Keir Starmer at PMQs this week with a slur about the IRA. The Leader of the opposition soon put him in his place but entitled Boris changed tack not his attack. He didn’t have the good grace to accept he was wrong. He never does. Anyway, Boris needs to watch Eastenders and learn a few working-class soundbites to add to his repertoire. At the end of the day and to be fair,  he needs to reach the chavs on the estates, know what I mean?


I wrote more posts over the past week and I’ve been editing pictures and adding them to the History of Wednesbury archive. I took a break from doing that page at the beginning of lockdown because the inane comments detracted from the message I was trying to convey. I told them I wouldn’t publicise events and asked people to stop hugging and shaking hands well before it was official advice. It was before Boris shook hands with infected people and caught Covid himself. I had been in contact with my friends in China since December and so was well aware of how bad the infection was. There was no reasoning with the idiots though. I just had to try to work with Facebook and post Covid-19 updates and ban the worst offenders. I still have problems with trolls but hopefully, I get the messages across to the majority.

That’s all for this week. I’m using a new app to write this and I’ve lost my word count feature! I’m rambling more than usual!

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