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A 100 day adventure

1 winter scene

In recent years, people have had much more leisure time. Many people seem to spend that time playing computer games, updating Facebook, watching movies  and socialising in bars. I don’t see many smiling faces. People don’t seem happier, even though they have more money and more leisure.

I walked around the carnival last year and took photos. Most of the smiling faces I saw were children, enjoying the atmosphere, the sunshine and the fairground rides. Since then we have had nothing but rain in England and in the past few weeks many places have had floods.  The news has been depressing and so many people have little more to do in their leisure time than try to keep warm and dry and perhaps keep themselves amused the best they can. Is it healthy though or is it having a eroding affect on mental health?

I took today’s photograph yesterday. It wasn’t a good day for photography, it was dismal with occasional rain. It was warmer though, up to 10C (50F) and so it made a change to go out into a different environment. Today I have some work to do, but it can wait; the sun is shining and I will go out again. I will have to do some shopping. We all have things we must do to survive. I think I will have some time after doing the essential things to spend a little time in the sun. Research suggests that it can lift winter depression. While I’m not particularly depressed, I don’t feel like I did on that summer’s day walking around the carnival.

I’ve seen a few 100 day challenges, that are meant to improve your life and make you happier. I thought about taking a photograph everyday for 100 days. It will be Spring  in 29 days. It would be good to begin my photographic journey on the Vernal Equinox. I could even choose words to accompany my daily photograph. It would be therapeutic!

What could I photograph? The Spring flowers, the daffodils and tulips will look nice. There will be trillions of little white flowers down the river in Spring too, that’s an image worth capturing. The woodland will come to life too as the leaves come on the trees. I could photograph places like Moorcroft Wood, Merrion’s Wood and Sandwell Valley Country Park. There will be young signets on the pools and lakes; that sight is worth capturing too.

I’m quite looking forward to it now. I think I’ll be photographing the children enjoying the carnival again this year too. There will be other events that I could go to and photograph too. The mood of those events tends to be contagious, maybe it will rub off on me.

I can also write a little essay, maybe less than 100 words, to go with each photograph to describe each step in my 100 day adventure. I could also go exploring, find new places to take photographs. I don’t think I would have to go too far to find historic buildings, woodland, nature reserves and events. It would be more adventurous than watching television. People might ask why I don’t travel farther to distant lands perhaps? Maybe there are more interesting things there, but there is also the stress of the travelling. It defeats the purpose I have in mind. I want less stress, not more.

What do you think? Do you think my 100 day adventure sounds like a good idea? You can join in if you want to and do your own 100 day adventure. I would like to see the photos and read your little descriptions. Please comment and share your thoughts. You can also follow me on Twitter. Maybe, I can tweet some little note about my adventure each day too?

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