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A Christmas challenge

I took this photo last year in the depths of winter. It’s still officially Autumn, but it getting colder. I think the lake will freeze before long and we can expect snow. Winter officially starts around the 20th of December, but then Christmas is supposed to cheer us all up. So I’m going to set you a Christmas challenge.

It’s Wednesday and my subject on a Wednesday is usually something to do with blogging and writing. Today, I am challenging readers to write a short Christmas story. We all have happy memories and sad memories of Christmas. Christmas can be a really happy time, but it can also be a depressing time if we have to spend it all alone or we are missing someone who we lost in the year that is coming to an end. It’s a time of powerful emotions, good emotions and bad emotions. The visual cues around Christmas, the coloured lights, Christmas trees and the advertising combine with the seasonal music to bring back memories. The memories of Christmas past can make us look forward to Christmas or to dread it.

It is a time of great expense for many people. They feel they have to enjoy it and invite people to their homes or go to the pub. There are Christmas dinners to attend and office parties. The stores bombard us with advertising for good food and drinks, trying to convince us that it will be party time; just like on television. The television stations will line up old movies that have been shown a zillion times before. Movies based on Dicken’s wonderful novels will be shown. What will it be this year? Can we look forward with Great Expectations?

So will your memories inspire a short story? Mine is a love story, of sorts. It’s about a couple who meet and find each other. I’m half way through, they’re spending Christmas without electricity and having to make do with a log fire and candles. They have trials and tribulations, but can they overcome them and survive Christmas?

Go on have a go! See if you can write a short story about Christmas. You can send it to me at the email address in the side bar or just email it to your friends to read. Post it on Facebook or even keep it to yourself to read. Good luck! Please comment and let me know if you’ll be writing, on the run up to Christmas.

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