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A Christmas of mounting debts? #finance

We all feel some obligation at Christmas to buy gifts for friends and family. That obligation is taken advantage of by advertisers and marketing people to make us feel guilty if we don’t provide all that is expected of us. This can lead to mounting debts over Christmas and sleepless nights in January.

mounting debts

Mounting Debts

If you’re already in debt those mounting debts through the Christmas period can make paying off the debt impossible. Consider how your family and friends will feel when they receive your card or a gift. People are happy just to receive a card, a gift is a bonus and often an unexpected bonus. I was given chocolates this week that I can’t eat but the thought behind the gift lifted my mood. I can pass them around at Christmas and the gesture will be amplified!


We all want a worry-free Christmas. It is an emotional time and we need to keep in mind that it is all about people’s feelings. We can make others feel good with a kind word or a small gift. The most effective gifts are the ones that are unexpected. Small gifts that reflect the person’s interest are warmly received. If you take the time to think about the person and buy a gift that is suited to them, it shows you care. A book about their favourite hobby or pastime will be opened with interest and be valued more than an expensive gift. You can avoid mounting debts by caring about the people in your life and considering their emotional needs.


There is also a lot of waste at Christmas and that is bad for the environment. Will your recycling bin be full to overflowing after Christmas? We tend to take packaging off Christmas gifts as we wrap them. Then at Christmas, we take the wrapping off the gifts we have received. It all goes in the bins until they can be overflowing. Food also goes to waste as people buy far too much. I admit I have bought extra food in case the weather gets really bad but there will be very little wasted!

Think about possible waste as you prepare for Christmas and think about people’s feelings rather than trying to keep up with the Joneses!

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