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A competitive world #finance

We live in a competitive world where companies compete with one another and we as individuals have to compete to make money. That competition at a personal level may just mean competing with others to get a decent job or if you run a small business competing with other businesses. Whatever we do, we can’t ignore the fact that it is a competitive world and we have to compete on many different levels.

a competitive world

A competitive world

While I’m not in favour a dog eat dog attitude to being competitive I do recognise that it is a competitive world and that I have to compete. I’m entering an art competition soon and people will vote for the best artwork. I not only have to produce a work that people will like but also encourage them to vote for me. Making money is also about competition and I am often surprised how easily many people part with their money. Perhaps, they make money too easily? The competitive world we live in is more competitive for some than others. If you find making money difficult for whatever reason or you just never have enough money then perhaps you should consider how you make money and how you spend it.


Investments give you extra money and increase your discretionary income, that income that you have left over when all the essentials have been paid for. My investments haven’t done well so far this year but I still have a relatively high discretionary income because I shop at places like Aldi and Lidl. I went to Lidl this week because they are rebuilding my local Aldi. I found gluten-free sausages cheaper than they are in Asda and I didn’t have to buy two packs for £6 like in Asda to save money. I found king prawns to have with my delicatessen ham and the low salt bacon that I like when I have bacon and eggs. I’m not exactly depriving myself by shopping at a budget supermarket. I admit the crisps aren’t quite as good as Aldi’s. I will go to another budget supermarket for my beer and get 24 cans for 19.99. I drink a lot less now that I am taking better care of my health. Looking after your health can also contribute to saving money.

I was hoping to buy a new camera soon but with my investments taking a bit of a dive that will be delayed but I have a semi-professional camera which takes decent pictures so a professional camera costing over £2,000 is a luxury that can wait. I certainly won’t buy it on credit. Don’t waste money paying the bank interest. I don’t really need the new camera yet. I want the new camera. Recognising the difference between things you want and things you need can save you money. We usually want things to impress our friends or give us a better image. If I can take better pictures that would improve my image as a photographer and take me to a professional level but I know I can take pictures that look professional now. I have had pictures published in the newspaper that I took with a much cheaper bridge camera. So if I look at this question objectively. The new camera will really only give me better images in low light situations and the improved quality of the images will be hardly noticeable to most people. My new camera can wait. I can change my priorities. I think my reputation as a photographer and artist can be enhanced more by entering the local art competition. I’ll also invest in getting my eyes tested and new lenses in my glasses! That might improve my photography more than a new camera!

I hope you find my finance ideas helpful. Being objective rather than subjective is an approach to financial decisions and planning that is proven to work. People pay accountants to analyse business accounts and do audits because they are objective. We live in a competitive world, being objective can give you an edge.

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