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A divided nation #ramble

We have an election on Thursday. Will it unite this divided nation? I very much doubt it. I’ve been looking at the policies of the different parties and I don’t think we can trust the Conservatives. Even moderate Conservatives are advising people to vote for the Liberal Democrats. I would actually like to vote for the Liberal Democrats but I see two problems in doing so. I need to vote tactically to stop the Tories and Jo Swinson is far too arrogant to be a leader. 

divided nation

Broken Britain

Yes, Britain as a country is broken but can Jeremy Corbyn unite and fix the country. His plans will inject huge amounts of money into the economy which he says he will borrow. Now borrowing for capital expenditure is one thing but borrowing to give people pay rises is a recipe for disaster. If he gives nurses and fireman a pay rise as suggested and gives more to the poor, demand will be stoked up and that will drive inflation.


Inflation may not be a bad thing, after all it will make paying the debt easier as taxation revenues increase and increase. I suspect he will use a form of quantitative easing to simply print money to buy assets like the water companies and electricity companies. That money will end up in the hands of the rich and they’ll invest it which isn’t inflationary. The problem is they could invest it overseas and probably will which will drive the value of the pound down. If imports and holidays are more expensive and our exports are cheaper, is that a bad thing?

A divided nation

The nation is divided on Brexit as well as a host of other issues and the election will not unite the nation but probably divide further. I think we can expect the right in the form of the Brexit party and their friends to try to smear Labour if they win. If the Tories win they will return to a form of austerity combined with ‘investment’ in white elephants like HS 2.


I haven’t taken many photos just lately but it is warmer today so I’ll venture out. I need some exercise and fresh air. I tried to escape the smell of cleaning materials last night by taking a walking the garden. The air outside was more polluted than in my kitchen! I’m trying to be much more observant now and find more interesting things to photograph. Sometimes odd things like a church door can be quite interesting if the picture is really sharp and shows the work that went into making the door.


Christmas is only two weeks away and I haven’t been to any Christmas events. I haven’t been invited! I might gate-crash one next Saturday and take a few photos. I’ve been preoccupied recently with my health and so I haven’t seen people much. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t been invited to anything? I usually photograph the Christmas lights around the town but the traffic has been very bad just lately. I’ll probably get around to doing that on Christmas day!

That’s all for this Sunday’s ramble. I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you next Sunday and on Tuesday will be my usual photography post. I’ll do some tips on avoiding blurry pictures at Christmas! If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address in one of the spaces provided or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page.


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