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Most photographers photograph people and for that, you need a wide aperture and preferably a fast lens. I like my 35mm prime lens for portraiture but it isn’t so good for events when the zoom lens has an advantage. The prime lens has fewer elements and so gives a much better quality image. Learning about lenses is important for the DSLR photographer but there are simpler things to learn if you have just had a camera for Christmas.

Camera for Christmas?


If you’ve had a camera for Christmas, the first thing to learn about is composition. The picture above has quite a lot of depth. Your eyes tend to compare the closest buildings with the ones farther away and there are many lines in the photo going away from us. The camera focuses on light and dark and we can see the patterns of the bricks and the block paving.


I use Windows Live gallery, which is a free download to make pictures lighter or darker and to add contrast. I sometimes use After shot for more advanced editing and I also use PhotoScape, again that is a free download. I resize pictures with Fotosizer. That is a free download but I paid for the professional version which puts my copyright notice on all the resized images automatically.

You can learn about composition and editing regardless of what kind of camera you have. These two things alone will make your pictures look great. Then learn about the manual settings on your camera and learn about ISO, aperture and shutter speed to create the images that you want.

That’s all for this Boxing Day photography post. You can follow my blog by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. There are also links on my Facebook page. Here are some pictures I shot this year:

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