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A Halloween ramble #ramble #Halloween

It is Sunday morning again, how time flies! I shall let you into the darker, dustier pathways of my mind and share my thoughts with you. I can’t do anything right this morning, so I hope I can find something interesting to amuse you with. I photographed a charity event raising money for Sam’s Dream yesterday. It was dark and miserable again, but I got a few good photos inside the cafe. I have used a lot of photos of Sam so this time I’ll share a scary picture of his sister Lisa. She deserves a moment in the limelight in her Halloween make-up.



I had my extra hour in bed this morning, yes, I did remember to put the clocks back. I forgot to alter the clock on the heating, I must do that later. Anyway, it’s Halloween tomorrow and I have one more Halloween event to photograph this week and I expect that to be quite spooky.

Beauty contests

I photographed Libby Rose, a local pageant princess this week and I hope we can have a beauty contest in Wednesbury next year. Maybe on the Mayday Bank Holiday with the title Wednesbury May Day Princess as the accolade on offer. Wouldn’t that be good! We need a community organisation with experience of organising events to organise it! We need a photographer – oh, that’s me! Now where can I find some dancers to dance around a Maypole? Where can I find a Maypole?


I know we haven’t got Halloween out of the way yet or Christmas and I am thinking of 2017 and the May Day Bank Holiday. We have to think in advance and then plan ahead. Libby Rose is only 13 and who knows where life will take her? Maybe into a full-time modelling career when she leaves school if she gets a little help from family and friends. She might go onto university like her brother and then some part-time modelling would help pay for a few luxuries while she studies. When I was young we had large factories employing thousands of people. Now young people have to learn media studies, be creative and learn to smile at and be nice to the customer. Times have changed and young people have to earn a living in different ways. There are worse ways than looking pretty for a living.

That’s it for this week, I just remembered there is a car boot sale today! Must get on…

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