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A matter of taste #culture

I was told that people were queuing up on Boxing Day to buy expensive Christmas cards ready for next year. Why is it important to have up-market Christmas cards? I suppose it does say that you have some taste rather than sending people cheap cards. Besides the Christmas message, it also says something about you. It is a matter of taste, people with no taste in the finer things wouldn’t bother.

a matter of taste


This is Walsall Art Gallery and I think art on the walls of your house says something about you just like sending out quality Christmas cards does. I put a few new pictures on my walls for this Christmas and there were appreciative comments about them.  I think art has to say something too and most of my pictures were photographs that I had taken and so they were recognisable images. I’ll be putting more pictures up in 2018. I intend to make my home into a little art gallery! It is something you can do on a budget. Most of my frames I picked up in Poundland.


We send out messages all the time and even the way we dress is a matter of taste. We tend to copy dress styles from the people we associate with because we’re all subject to that tribal instinct that makes us want to fit in. There is also a herd instinct, we have a tendency to follow everyone else. I don’t mean follow just in the fashion sense but literally, follow. When people feel lost they follow everyone else. When a fire alarm sounds we follow everyone else to the exit. It is also strange how we often want to stand out and fit in at the same time.


People name-drop because we all make assumptions. Mention you were chatting with someone important last week and people will assume you know important people. You can wear your scruffiest clothes for gardening and then greet friends wearing the same clothes and if you happen to be wearing an expensive Rolex, it is the Rolex that will elicit an assumption. The wealthiest people dress down and wear torn jeans just to show they can get away with it but they keep the Rolex or that ring with the huge diamond. We make assumptions based on the tiniest things.

Negative assumptions

Negative assumptions can be quite damaging. I’m an introvert and that can elicit an assumption that I am weak or afraid to speak out. There are many telltale signs of weakness that people can seize upon and these signs can be difficult to disguise. While the Rolex might give the impression of wealth, the absence of such an obvious symbol of wealth doesn’t signify poverty. Ripped jeans were once the height of fashion and worn by the socialites of the cities. Now that fashion has descended on down through the social ranks and a new fashion has replaced it for the Wimbledon set.

A matter of taste

The ultimate status symbol that you can aspire to is education. Education and knowledge are always viewed positively. In fact, we need some education to understand what taste in a cultural sense is.

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