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A new chapter #photography #life

It’s Sunday morning, bright and early so I’ll share my thoughts with you once again. The Blast festival is over and so too is the Sandwell Pride of Place project. I missed the end of the festival party but did take some photos of Brendan Barry’s caravan gallery workshop in Wednesbury Market. That was tiring with the heat. Chris and Jan of the Caravan Gallery will move on to their next project. I have been asked about a project but I’m not going anywhere! We will all start a new chapter and who knows how the story will go?

A new chapter

A new chapter

I plan to take photographs today of the Tipton Horse Drive. I intend to have a new attitude toward my photography. One setting on my camera is supposed to lock to prevent accidental movement but it moved by accident yesterday and I had a couple of pictures over-exposed. I need to slow down and check my camera more carefully. I also intend to only share the really good pictures. It will give the impression I’m a much better photographer! I also intend to take fewer pictures and aim for better quality. I have learnt a few things. I need to change my attitude to life and slow down.

Writing and photography

I think both my writing and photography can improve so I’ll pay more attention to my website and my Facebook page. I don’t want to take it too seriously but I can aim higher.

Social media

I’m quite good at social media and communicating via the written word but I could try to talk to people more. I’m not exactly shy but I am an introvert who could make more of an effort. I have seen a lot of extroverts who don’t care much what people think. A few do themselves no favours by blundering through life without ever stopping to think. I stop to think too much. There has to be a balance.


To start a new chapter we have to be pragmatic and open to new ideas. We have to shake off the shackles of out-dated and tired beliefs. I have a lot of sympathy for the Brexiteers because I dislike centralisation. The European Commission has abandoned subsidiarity and now feels it has ultimate power rather than being a subsidiary to national governments. However, Boris Johnson does blunder through life with a false sense of his own importance. He is trying to launch a new chapter in British politics based on tired beliefs. We need realism and pragmatism which I think could come from Tom Watson on the opposition benches who is now showing more leadership than Corbyn who is stuck with old ideas of nationalisation.


My own new chapter will be hindered by disability. It could be worse, I’m not on a Zimmer frame yet.

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