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A Scrooge-like Christmas? #ramble

People haven’t been spending in the shops this week even though stores are cutting prices and having early sales. We do have official austerity and the poorest in society have been hard hit by government policies.

Many people are queuing at food banks, not the superstores. Could this be the Christmas when we lose one of the major supermarkets and the rest divide up their market share? Tesco is the largest, but they’ve had problems recently. Morrison’s has been hard hit as well and might be the one to go. There are the independent supermarkets will they weather the storm of austerity better?


Britain’s last coal mine has closed now too. Christmas won’t seem the same without a pit closing just before Christmas. Redundancies are a familiar part of Christmas, especially when we have a Tory government.

A Christmas Carol

Scrooge was a character in Dickens’ Christmas carol. Who do you think he voted for in the General Election? I must admit I am a bit Scrooge-like except I like to keep warm. My heating wouldn’t fire up this morning and that could be a Christmas disaster. I am quite generous in some ways, though. I will go out of my way to help people. We all have a responsibility to ourselves, but there is a collective responsibility that reasonable people accept. We have to look out for one another. Money goes around, it’s only paper, metal coins and bits on computers in reality. We have stopped buying so much from China and they are struggling as well now and the stores that sell the goods made in China are struggling and the people that buy the goods are struggling. Is anyone not struggling? I suppose the champagne drinkers aren’t going so badly. Those people who are at the top of our heath service who got huge pay rises this year are doing well, it’s the junior doctors and the nurses who will have a few Christmas delights missing this year.


I have a bit of shopping to do. I might go today and see how crowded it is. I need to go to Asda where the people go through the tills in slow motion at Christmas. I’m going to treat myself to some gluten free cornflakes and a carton of soya milk. I don’t eat or drink to excess at Christmas, it’s not healthy is it. There won’t be any champagne. I might go out and take some photos on Christmas day while the roads are quiet. I’ll still be writing at Christmas and sharing photos from through the year. Yes, I’m definitely a bit of a Scrooge. I won’t be spending much money!

Homeless at Christmas?

There are people in the town I live in that are homeless, I think I might be able to do something to help them. It is difficult to think what can be done. Maybe I can donate to the food bank? I have become more aware of what is going on in my local community and won’t be donating to national charities. I want to see where my money goes and make sure I can pay it forward in my own community. I’m not a ‘charity begins at home’ person, I try to help people in other countries too. I don’t like my money going to charities that spend my money employing swish advertising agencies in London and making the idle rich even idler…

That’s it for today. I shall be rambling on all through Christmas and sharing lots of photos. Have a nice Christmas, don’t overdo it, it’s not healthy.

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