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A sober Christmas #ramble

Only 5 days to Christmas and the virus has mutated and we have a new variant that is even more contagious. Is it though? The data suggests that it is spreading faster but London and the South East were left in Tier 2 when the rest of the country was moving to Tier 3. Maybe it is spreading faster because people didn’t take the restrictions seriously enough. I know here in the Black Country people are still visiting one another and refusing to wear masks, not to mention spreading anti-vaxxer messages on social media. They need to have a sober Christmas and take some responsibility.

have a sober Christmas

A sober Christmas

Merry Christmas? We should be planning a sober and responsible Christmas. The responsibility is not only to look after ourselves but the vulnerable in society too. We are now seeing people being vaccinated and so there is light at the end of the tunnel but it could take 12 months to vaccinate enough people to stop the virus spreading, so be patient.

Mental Health problems

The isolation is causing mental health problems and I think the NHS is leaving people to cope on their own. There appear to be no plans for widespread support when this pandemic is over. Most people are having weird dreams and nightmares. I woke in a slight panic last night. I had a blocked nose and I think I stopped breathing for a moment! I’m still here! We do need some groups set up where people can go to talk to one another and to share their fears when this crisis is over.


I’ve been taking seasonal pictures of Eddy The elf but today I might venture out and maybe take a few shots in the town centre. I need to go my annual walk around the street I live in and push Christmas cards through neighbours’ letterboxes. It has to be done but I really hate doing it. It’s not just the fact the weather is always bad. I’m not really sure what causes my aversion to it!


I’ll be posting a few pictures on the History of Wednesbury Facebook page later. THOW is now a member of the consortium that will bring cultural events to Wednesbury aligned with the improvement work in the Conservation Zone. I’ve set up a dedicated page to share news of the project and pictures of the Conservation Zone. The “We are Wednesbury” page looks quite good and already has a small collection of pictures. I think I’ll also put the images on Instagram with the #weareWednesbury hashtag to publicise the cultural programme. I hope we can have events like music on market days and I might do a little history and photography talk in the Market Place. Poetry, art, stories and photography will form the backbone of the cultural programme. I think I’ll be organising a photography competition.

Christmas Star

There will be a conjoining of two planets on the winter solstice to form a so-called Christmas Star. I’ll see if I can get a photograph. Maybe that will be a sign ending our time of crisis and signalling a new beginning. We have to be hopeful and keep a positive state of mind. Have a happy Christmas whatever you’re doing and please make it a sober Christmas! We do stupid things when we’re had a few!

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