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A summer Sunday in June


My neighbour had his hover mower out yesterday. I went in the garden and photographed flowers! I think I’m getting used to the new camera. As you can see from today’s photo, my new Nikon D3200 has quite good definition. I want to photograph some buildings today, so I’ll be out exploring…

The weather promises to be warmer today, but quite a lot of cloud. It will be more challenging for photography, but worth going out and giving it a try. Too many people spend summer in front of the television rather than getting a little exercise and enjoying nature. It’s not very healthy, especially for children.

Culture is passed down from one generation to another. If daddy is a Sun reader, then little Johnny will probably grow up to be just as ill informed. We are shaped by our childhoods. Many children grow up in environments that stifle them, this is why school trips and holidays are so important. If you want kids to grow up to contribute to society, give them good education, but also show them that life can be better. Take them off the council estates and let them spend a couple of weeks in London, Paris or Milano.

The Rolling Stones made their debut at Glastonbury yesterday. The drug squad was in the audience giving out warning of the dangers of Diclofenic… Diclofenic is one of those drugs that older people know actually works, so it must be dangerous! I often wonder if they only test drugs that are costing the NHS lots of money for side effects, so they have an excuse not to prescribe so many.

The BBC website reports on research into happiness. It seems if you commute to work and it takes an hour, you are less happy. I can’t think of anything that would make me more unhappy than spending 2 hours a day in traffic. Councils keep slowing traffic, putting in traffic lights, lower speed limits, humps and speed cameras. They drive us all nuts! Then when a job comes up they advertise it all over Europe encouraging people to commute. People engaged in politics and who are also good looking are happier. That explains why George Osborne is a miserable sod… A relationship will make you happier, until the kids come along, but don’t worry you’ll be happy again once they’re grown up and leave home… One of the things that makes people happy is to be active. I’ll be out taking my photos this afternoon, unless it rains, then I might watch the Grand Prix on telly.

Also according to the BBC:

Local residents and campaigners gathered on a bridge in north London calling for measures to prevent people from taking their lives there.

Since 2010 three people have killed themselves at Hornsey Lane Bridge over Archway Road and earlier this month another man ended his life.

Up to 800 people have signed a petition calling for anti-suicide measures.

They don’t seem too happy in London. Do they? You would think they would all be deliriously happy with Boris Johnson as mayor and the seat of government in their midst. Not to mention all those Royal events like the Jubilee thingy. I did see on television the way they control traffic in London though, the commute to work seemed bloody horrendous. Seems the unhappiness research could be right after all… I read that Boris Johnson gets paid £250,000 for writing a weekly column for the Telegraph. I would be happier if I could get paid half that much for writing a weekly column for a newspaper…

According to a TV programme the other night, Londoners are more likely to speak up when they witness racism than people in Manchester.  We don’t get much racism here in the Black Country. Just the odd old age pensioner trying to blow up a mosque… 

That’s all for this week. Remember that you can follow me on Twitter. You can also share your views in the comments box. Are you happy?

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