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A Sunday ramble – envy

Canal Bridge, Wednesbury

I should be out taking photographs by now, but there are a lot of black clouds around and rain was forecast. I usually just write about anything on my mind on a Sunday or post a guest blog. I do have a guest blog that I could post, but I have to check the image so that will probably be tomorrow’s post! So what’s on my mind? Envy…

Envy seems to be a human condition, but it seems more evident in the UK in the 21st century. Everyone wants to be better than everyone else. They want better cars, clothes, holidays, but above all else; position in society. I don’t get a lot of envy, but I get some. I find people in other countries are less envious and more appreciative of what I do, write and photograph.  I see criticism of everything generally though, we have become a nation of sceptics. It’s hardly surprising, there is so much illusion and delusion these days, you don’t know who or what to believe. As a society we seem less happy, more anxious and many people are positively depressed. I think people are less honest and have a less moral outlook on life when things aren’t going so good. Some people have no excuse for a lack of morality though and they just appeal to the baser instincts and encourage mob rule. There appears to be a tendency to pick on minorities, especially the vulnerable and less fashionable minorities.

I’ve written about the Olympics as being a waste of money, but I would like to support the Para-Olympics. I’m not sure how sensible or wise some of it is though, some of the events look likely to injure the athletes. I think given a choice of giving people opportunities with shows like Britain’s Got Talent or the Olympics; I would choose the former. I think we need more entertainers and that is a better idea. I just don’t like the way talent shows operate. They should sort out the people who have talent and showcase them on TV, rather than showing those who are a bit deluded and have little talent. There can be only one winner on those shows too, which is stupid. Everyone who has the talent to entertain us should be a winner. There is so much undiscovered talent in Britain, we need it recognised. It’s not just talent to perform, but we also have innovators, inventors, technologists, artists and more. Shows like the Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice are too gimmicky; they are just platforms for people to show off.

I dislike showing off too, that was what Britain was doing with the Olympics. When countries show off it usually leads to trouble. They build so called ‘iconic’ buildings to show how important they are. They elevate people to the status of virtual Gods and put them on pedestals. We have seen the Olympics lead to a terrorist attack in the past, we have seen iconic buildings destroyed in terrorist attacks and people killed because they became iconic. If we had more people entertaining us and we didn’t elevate them to iconic status or threw money at them; I think we would all be better off and so would they. We would have less envy, less icon worship and a more stable society. Maybe Britain could be an example to the world? There are more posts on the home page.

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