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A thrifty lifestyle #thrifty

Thrifty people are thrifty out of habit and always look for value for money. This doesn’t always mean buying something because it’s cheap, it means always looking to value. The old saying ‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’, means all those pennies you save add up.

If you like a salad even in winter, then the Aldi super-six are worth looking at this week. The Aldi super-six includes iceberg lettuce, cucumber, spring onions, beetroot (500g), salad tomatoes (6) and celery. They are all 39p each. That offer ends on the 13th of January.

The special buys at Aldi on Sunday are all to do with keeping fit.

Matalan has an in-store sale. Some things are special buys, so probably bought in specially for the sale. There is usually a lot of goods that are less than popular on offer too, but you might pick up a bargain.  Look at the home-ware and the luggage was reduced too.

There are a lot of half priced goods on offer at Debenhams, but they were overpriced to begin with. I think they are worth checking out in-store. Look for quality. Some of the clothes, you can get the equivalent at Matalan for half their sale price. The better quality clothes are probably value for money now.

I live near Curry’s and there has been a queue for their sale. There are some genuine offers, but before buying a new television, consider whether you really need one. You should also consider whether you will be satisfied with your purchase in the long term or will you want a smart TV next year?

The main thing to consider when buying sale items is value for money. Retailers will try to rush you into buying so you don’t have time to consider. You might end up with an expensive item that you are not at all happy with. Try clothes on and ask for a demonstration of expensive electrical goods.

1 new year Zillion

Make 2016, the year when you are careful with money, not just thrifty but frugal too. Set a monthly target to save money and watch you savings and investments grow. We have enough stress in our lives without worrying about money. Watch out for money-saving tips on my Facebook Page.

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