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A thrifty March #thrifty

According to the marketing men it’s Mothering Sunday and you should all buy cards, flowers, chocolates and a weekend in Paris for mommy. If you don’t, you’re a mean hearted b******. You should also buy everyone a present at Christmas and on their birthdays. Don’t forget to buy Easter eggs this month either!

You should also buy a present for Father’s Day in June and check when your parents anniversary is because is another present you have to buy.The list is never ending…   I suppose if you are super-thrifty and frugal you could afford all these gifts for friends and relatives. It might be better to draw the line and buy presents for those you actually see the most and who you are closest  to and make the gifts affordable. I don’t buy many gifts, but it’s my sister’s birthday this month, so my gift is a night out at a charity event. We don’t automatically exchange birthday gifts though.

It’s the spring equinox and Easter this month. Soups and stews warm us up in winter and spring and they are easy to digest quickly. The vegetables in the shops reflect this. The Aldi super-six this week are useful if you are making a stew. I usually make a chicken stock and then add vegetables, seasoning and herbs. The super-six are just 39p and comprise of beetroot, broccoli, carrots (1kg), celery, peppers and iceberg lettuce. I like celery in a soup or stew and carrots although a kilo will be too many for me. I might open a tin! There are special buys this week but I don’t need tools or keep fit equipment.

I see lots of advertising from so called global sellers. These are often based in China or Hong Kong. Sometimes they send the products directly to the UK or they may have a UK warehouse. I ordered a camera lens from one such supplier and it was much cheaper. It was half the list price and 20% cheaper than Amazon. It is a genuine lens and I’m really pleased with it. That company has a UK warehouse and so it arrived in a few days after ordering I’ve had a few lenses at less than half the list price. This week I ordered some memory for my computer. I expect that to take longer to get here, but again I saved money. With items over £100 I use my credit card because there is more protection on purchases. For the memory, I used a debit card and so there is a little more risk.

As I mentioned earlier I have a night out this month. Even buying tickets for other people it will be a relatively cheap night out and it will aid a worthy charity. In other words it’s value for money.  I’ll also be going to a boat gathering at Easter which is an opportunity to take photos as well as spend time with friends and meet people.  It will be quite inexpensive too.

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