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A walk in the park #life

a walk in the park

It’s Sunday morning again and so once again I let you into the innermost recesses of my mind and share my thoughts with you on this sunny Sunday morning. I am, of course, thinking about the weather, we have more showers forecast. I want to go out and take photographs.  A walk in the park? Maybe not… 

Friends of Brunswick Park

I went to the meeting of friends of Brunswick park this week who are arranging an event in the park to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. I have been arranging a picnic to take advantage of the fact there will be a brass band playing in the bandstand. Having sort of hijacked their event, I offered to set up a Facebook page for them and an event page too. People are clicking like on the page and so we are opening up a channel of communication with the people. Openness is always the best policy and the group will be more successful engaging with the local community.


One councillor has been accused of corruption regarding the sale of council property this week. That could be sub-judiciary so I won’t comment further,  but openness can prevent unfounded accusations of wrongdoing. With greed so prevalent in our society and people being encouraged to aspire to better things by fair means or foul, we are understandably suspicious of people in positions of power.

The means of production

Socialist doctrine has always seemed to be about taking control of the means of production and the redistribution of wealth. The redistribution of wealth was mentioned again this week as part of Labour’s strategy to make society fairer. The means of production is owned by the rich via multinational companies and if you take from those companies in the form of higher taxation, they will simply pass on the extra tax to the people with higher prices. It isn’t just the rich who own those behemoth companies, pension funds invest  in them too. Camelot who runs our national lottery and gives hope to millions of aspirational people is owned by a pension fund. Take from Camelot and the price of the tickets goes up yet again. Do we want a £5 a ticket lottery where we choose from 100 numbers? No, the old redistribution of wealth idea doesn’t work. It has been tried. We could levy a bit more tax on the CEO of Camelot who earns cool million a year. We could also encourage people to spend less on imported goods from the Far East and consider investing some of their hard earned money in British commerce and industry. Do we want our industry and commerce owned by the British people or oil rich Arabs? Give people the opportunity to invest rather than sucking up to the sheikhs.

A walk in the park

I could go a walk in the park this afternoon and take a few pictures in-between the showers. It might clear my head of all these political thoughts.

I know a few people around the world who are very knowledgeable about blogging, publishing and social media. We learn from each other about social media and so I hope I know a bit more about it than most people. It is all about engagement, communicating with your readers, fans and supporters. Social media is a useful phenomenon for  community groups and you can get across a powerful message with a few words and a photograph. Understanding how a tweet can lead to a blog  and another tweet can lead to a Facebook page and the Facebook page can then lead to the website and how the website leads back to Twitter and Facebook isn’t easy. Social media isn’t a walk in the park, it can be a quite complex arrangement with many paths leading to different places. I’ve taken a few years to learn about it and I hope I can make use of it promoting community groups and events.

This is a long post today, readers like short posts so that is enough for today. If you would like to follow this blog and receive updates, just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter. You can see more ideas, photos, news and art on my Facebook page.

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