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A walk in the park #satire

A walk in the park

I went for a walk in the park this week. Life can be a little hectic and so a little walk can be calming. I’m told by a friend that he misses the park now he lives in the countryside. You would think there would be more places to have a nice walk in the countryside, not fewer. I have experienced that problem, rich landowners don’t make people welcome.

walk in the park


Life isn’t a walk in the park, it’s quite stressful unless you’re one of those rich landowners who can take a walk whenever they please. The political division between the new prime minister and the leader of the opposition maybe a giant chasm politically but at prime minster’s question time they showed their immaturity.  They both behaved like teenagers making snide remarks and trying to score points at the expense of the other. The political duel between Jeremy Corbyn and rival Owen Smith isn’t any more grown up either. I’ve watched speeches by both of them and they know the problems but only hint at what they might do to remedy them. I suspect both are in favour inflating the economy and inflating away much of the nation’s debt while piling up more debt to do stupid things.

The prime minister has at least reserved some control over Hinckley Point nuclear power station. I wonder if the cost of 18 billion won’t be a lot more by the time it’s finished. I suspect HS2 will probably cost 100 billion by the time that white elephant is finished. How will they pay for it? Probably by  inflating the economy and inflating away much of the nation’s debt while piling up more debt to do stupid things.


We will save the 10 billion a year membership fee of the EU when the real Brexit goes through. Won’t we? Or will we have to join another expensive trade club? I suspect we won’t be any better off and the dreamland imagined by Michael Gove, Boris Johnson  and Nigel Farage will never be a reality. I find it odd that the Brexiteers who want freedom of movement stopped are often also Corbynites who appear to favour mass immigration. I suspect unlike me they don’t hear the finer details in his speeches. The Brexiteers believe what they want to believe too. Remember the battle bus with the banner that promised £350 million a week for the NHS? Another dreamland claim. They made Brexit sound like a walk in the park; it isn’t and it won’t be.

Grammar schools

Michael Gove is a very good reason for scrapping grammar schools, but are grammar schools  really any different from academies? There is a lot of selection in society. We are not all equal and kids are selected to continue their education and do A-levels and they are selected to be given an opportunity to study at university. Elitism isn’t bad. We need a scientific elite, we need a medical elite and we need an academic elite. We do not need social elitism that divides society. The problem with grammar schools is the entrance requirement. One examination is a stupid requirement and a review of the applicant’s school record and a recommendation from their school would be a more sensible requirement. As for giving kids from deprived council estates a chance, that is fraught with difficulty. Bulging muscles covered with tattoos is the favoured uniform on many council estates. A grammar school uniform is likely to make survival more difficult.

Life is not a walk in the park for most kids on council estates and we have to be pragmatic and accept many will end up as apprentice bricklayers and so let’s build new council houses and give them the work experience and jobs they need. The odd genius living on the same estate has special needs, as do the many sick and disabled children on the same estate. Each according to their needs. Eh?

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