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A walk in the park #thrifty

A walk in the park is free

A Walk in the park

They have recently opened a new leisure centre complete with gym where I live and people are paying for membership to get exercise. You can do that by taking a walk in the park where there is also exercise equipment.

Slave to fashion?

It seems quite trendy these days to belong to something, like the gym or the golf club. Being trendy and a slave to fashion can be quite expensive and you use money that might be better spent on other things or invested for a more leisure driven future.

Black Country

Here in the Black Country, people are more down to earth, literally. Gardening is quite popular and is a great way to exercise; it can be quite thrifty to grow your own vegetables and fruit. In an urban environment discount stores are more likely to be close by and so there are opportunities to shop around. In the countryside there are more likely to be farm shops and markets.


Trends can cost you money or save you money. Trying to follow the latest trend can be expensive but trends like minimalism can save money. If you have the minimal amount of furnishings and ornaments in your home it works out cheaper in the long term and is easier to keep maintained and clean. It also makes your home look bigger. The trend towards insulated homes and double glazing has made our homes warmer and more comfortable. Even the food we eat is affected by trends such as the popularity for modern foods like pizza rather than the traditional fish and chips. Following such trends religiously or for the wrong reasons can be expensive. Marketing people often play on people’s low self esteem to market expensive products. They claim that buying coffee at Starbucks will make you one of the trendy set, that Lynx deodorant makes guys sexy and attractive. Even the marketing of homes and expensive cars rely on exploiting people’s desire to aspire to a higher status. Is it really worth the money?


A higher status isn’t achieved by a show of possessions or the latest trend in clothing. If anything higher education in a society where merit can be important might lead to a more respected role in society.  Brand names on clothing are not as important as style. If the overall look is stylish then people won’t notice the labels.

Just by thinking about being thrifty and frugal and making plans and writing notes, you can save quite a lot of money. If you would like to follow this blog and find more ideas just enter your email address in the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also find more ideas about art and music and many otehr things on my Facebook page. 

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