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A Walsall Arts Fest Event: Three Days in November


The Walsall Arts Fest, organised by Carolyn Bayliss have  an event next week at the Wheatsheaf Pub on the Birmingham Road.

Three Days in November

6th, 7th and 8th November

Carolyn wrote an article about this not long ago and you can read that for more information.  She has now sent me the final details of the event that I can share now.

I have been trying to promote local events and businesses this year and photograph them and I will try to get along to this one too.

All the information I have is in PDF format that you can view in your browser or download.  Just click the links below.


That tells you about the event and the when and where.

Three Days in November Programme

You might also like a programme, which gives time table and flavour of the event.

The brochures are in in three parts:

Three Days brochure Part One

Three Days Brochure Part Two

Three Days Brochure Part Three

Those give details of the event and more information on the artists associated with the event.

I sometimes review exhibitions that are held locally and I try to get to events of all kinds to photograph and publicise them. We need localisation and less centralisation. Damien Hirst’s works sell for millions while other artists struggle to be recognised. This celebrity hero worship in society leaves lots of talent untapped and unrecognised. While I like some of Damien Hirst’s work like the Pharmacists Creed. I didn’t rate the sheep pickled in formaldehyde as art.

I think at this event I’ll like the work of some artists and not the work of others. We all have differing tastes. I saw Cherie Strong’s work mentioned in one of the brochure’s which I am familiar with and would like to see.

Art can take differing forms now too. It is no longer just drawing, painting and sculpture. Modern techniques allow us to make digital images and video. I didn’t rate video as art until I tried making one myself! We have to keep an open mind and as art is a way of expressing emotions and beliefs, we have to accept that some people have different beliefs to ourselves and simply accept that.

I hope you can go to the event at the Wheatsheaf. I don’t think I’ll make the three days, but maybe I can get there for the first day. Please comment if you have something to say or a question. You can also follow me on Twitter and you can also follow Walsall Arts Fest on Twitter. There is also a Facebook Page for the Arts Fest.

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