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A waste of human resources?

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We went to West Bromwich Manor House last week and a comment made by the student from China that was with me got me thinking. She thought one of the workers working outside was too young for that type of work.

Age does make a difference to what we can do. Young people are fitter, more energetic, but lack knowledge, wisdom and experience. Many young people gain knowledge through education, but they need to gain experience and have the opportunity to make mistakes to gain wisdom. There needs to be more employment opportunities for young people and not just taking advantage of their youth to do manual labour, but using all their abilities to advantage. In the United Kingdom, we are wasting a valuable resource; our young people.

At middle age people hopefully have education and some experience and are still fit and healthy enough to do a good job. This seems to be the ideal age to get a job these days. The 25 to 45 age group seem to be more in demand. Make that 30 to 50 if we are looking at graduates and people with higher qualifications like doctors. There does seem to be a shortage of skilled people in this age bracket, perhaps because we aren’t educating and training enough younger people? Perhaps fast track training for young people before they reach the age of 25 or 30 would help them and give us a work force that was more skilled, experienced and able to do more than push a wheel barrow on a building site?

As you get older you have education, knowledge and experience. Then you retire because you’re no longer as fit as you were and have disabilities and health problems.  Does this mean older people are useless and of no value to society? I took a young student  to the Manor House museum and was quite capable of showing her around, but we had a ‘experienced’ member of staff to show us both around. My knowledge of the Manor House wouldn’t be as comprehensive as his, but I could soon learn. I did know that the student I was with had seen much older buildings in China and so the Manor House wasn’t that special. I was able to take photographs of the visit and they were later added to some of my photos on the website of the local newspaper. Local attractions need publicity and photos are a good way of doing that. Could older people be used as volunteers at public buildings like museums and art galleries?

I looked into doing voluntary work, a while ago. One voluntary position was advertised and they wanted someone to do office work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. They’re probably still looking… Other positions required applicants to submit an online CV and application. Other ‘vacancies’ required applicants to do a 4 day training course and needed a criminal record check. I bet older people are jumping at these opportunities…

Local hospitals are understaffed and using agency nurses. Would it take the pressure off nurses if they had a few volunteers to do odd things like giving patients drinks? When I was in hospital I needed 30ml of water pouring each hour and other odd things done. I didn’t care who did them or what their training was.

Is this a waste of human resources? No, because we are not resources, we are people. When they lost sight of that, they lost sight of humanity. Our public services began drowning in red tape, health and safety regulations and politically correct bull shit.

“I am not a number – I am a free man.” (I’m old enough to remember ‘The Prisoner’)

Anyway, I’m not too bad at writing and photography, so I’ll carry on doing what I do. I might go to the Manor House today or I might go to Poundland and buy some pens. I’m free to do what I want, no 9 to 5, no rules. I’ll wear my seat belt in deference to the committee that thought up the slogan ‘20 is plenty’. That is what they do; think up slogans, acronyms and guidelines…

What do you think? Please share the ‘issues’ that ‘impact’ your life, in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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