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A way with words #ramble

It’s Sunday morning once again and so I’ll share my thoughts with you once again. I did more posts this week because I set the 64 Million Artists challenge and had more readers. What’s on my mind this week? Well, I got a lot of divisive and offensive comments on our history page last Sunday and so had to deal with that. I came up with a simple rule and promised anyone that broke it would be banned. I have a way with words and managed to pack all the rules of the page into a couple of no-nonsense sentences.

I have a way with words and managed to pack all the rules of the page into a couple of no-nonsense sentences.


As you can probably guess from today’s picture I’m thinking about taking photos today. I might wander around wonderful Walsall today. I haven’t been that way for some time. I am thinking about publishing more art cards in the spring. A good picture of the Midland Metro tram would be a subject that might be popular with people from the different towns. I might try to get the Wednesbury sign in the picture though. I have a lot of good photos of the Metro but taking a photo with an art card in mind means I can consider the A6 aspect ratio while I take the photo. I can also plan it and get the best time of day.


The Speaker of the House of Commons who chairs the proceedings by consent was literally walked out on by the government side of the house yesterday. It showed appalling arrogance and disrespect but what can we expect? I now see Boris as an Old Etonian knuckle-dragger with little in the way of a moral compass. The other old Etonian, Rees-Mogg, has a air of respectability that doesn’t go deeper than the epidermis. Duncan-Smith provokes nausea before he even opens his mouth.

The European Research Group

The European Research Group is the right-wing equivalent of Momentum and is just as obnoxious. They see others as plebs and pot plants, we see them as an upper-class equivalent of the knuckle dragging racists sometimes seen on the football terraces. The Conservatives can no longer claim to be more civilised than the working classes. We can now look down on them.

A way with words

I usually have a way with words and when I combine that with images it can be quite powerful. Of course, I am not very good at public speaking or even everyday conversation but I can at least write! Besides being sharp with words I can also take a tack sharp photograph and it can be rewarding to combine the two talents. Having these two talents makes up for feeling a bit useless at everything else. I’m going to get my circulation going today with a bit of exercise. Maybe that will make me feel less old and less knackered?

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