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Pleck Park, 2012

The best laid plans don’t always go right. I was planning to devote most of my time to this website and slowly reduce the number of blogs I wrote on WordPress, but my WordPress blog was syndicated and I have a lot more subscribers on there than here! But I have still managed some good posts here this week and now there are more readers for a zillion ideas!

Should the rich pay a luxury rate of VAT? I think so and so that was my blog yesterday. It would be difficult to decide what goods are true luxuries and what aren’t. It would need some common-sense and that can be a rare commodity in the civil service. Would it be at least worth trying?

Accept it – you could be better off was Thursday’s blog. We find a lot of things difficult to accept, but we can be better off, if we just accept reality. You can be better off financially just by accepting the fact that you can’t afford all you would like to be able to buy. The reality is, you need to live within your means. Facing reality can be really hard, reality can make for decisions that seem impossible; that is when we need the support of family and friends.

How to write an inspired blog was my effort on Wednesday. If you feel inspired to write a blog, I need guest writers who want to get some experience of writing. I will read whatever you send and before it gets published, I will edit it. I do have a guest blog to publish, I have done the editing, but wanted a photograph to use as a leader. I think I have a suitable photograph now, I took a few yesterday afternoon. There is more to running a website like this than you can imagine!

Neodigital Art | Guest edit was another in my series of blogs on neodigital art and photography. Carolyn over at Wonder of tech sent  me a couple of pictures to edit and they were challenging! It does show that you don’t need a fancy camera to take photos and to create art. I think a couple of those pictures were quite artistic after they had been edited. Take look. What do you think?

How to improve your image was another in the series of psychology and self improvement blogs.  I need to improve my image, can someone buy me a new luxury car? Second thoughts, maybe I want people to respect me for who I am and what I do, rather than for what I own.

Promoting the Black Country was my Sunday blog when I unashamedly plugged family and friends who are trying to achieve something creative. I have an idea for doing more promotions. I have a lot of room for advertising on the site and would like to advertise other websites and blogs. Eventually putting a few ethical advertisements on the site. I have to figure out how to do that. I don’t want dodgy adverts that I can’t control and they must be graphics that fit the overall look of the site. That is something I can work on in the future and hopefully the links will be targeted and so more efficient than simple adverts.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s review of this weeks ideas  and will click the links and read a few of them. I need more writers for the site and as ever more readers. I need more support for the site to make it a success. If I can help you become successful, perhaps by giving you an opportunity to get into writing, by giving you website or business a plug; please get in touch. My email address is in the side bar and you can also comment.  There are more ideas on the home page. Please subscribe to a zillion ideas – enter your email address in the space in the sidebar or tick the box when you comment.

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