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A week of writing, art and photography

Bridge over to Moorcroft Wood

The sun came out a little this week and so I was able to take a few photographs. This one is the bridge over to Moorcroft Wood. The sun was quite low in the sky, so the light is unusual. That is the canal of course! Autumn is here now and I must go and take a look at Moorcroft Wood and many other places, the Autumn colours will arrive quickly this year.

I wrote a few blogs this week:

Money is a unit of exchange, not wealth was yesterday’s Finance Friday blog. I hope that helped you understand the nature of money more and why the money changers are getting rich while the rest of us get poorer. On the subject of money, some older people in the UK now qualify for the Warm Home Discount scheme to get a £130 discount on their electricity costs this winter. Click that link for full details. Basically if you were aged under 80 and receiving only the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit (no Savings Credit) or aged 80 or over and were receiving the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit (even if you get Savings Credit as well). Then you should get it. The qualifying date was the 21st of July 2012.

Who are the worst drivers? Younger or older people? was my blog on Thursday. I’m a good driver, I can’t remember making one mistake this week.  I couldn’t remember where I lived at one point either…

Neodigital Art | Coping with the weather featured some spooky pictures. Then the day after the sun came out!  It’s sunny again today but quite cold.

I usually write about writing on a Tuesday, but i had a day off this week!

How can we improve education in schools? was Monday’s post and looked at education generally. Can education be improved? Should financial literacy be taught in schools like in Victorian times? Perhaps, as a part of maths, rather than the academic and applied maths?

How to get Business Ideas |  Marketing Mix was another blog by Fairy Dharawat giving us vital tips on improving or starting a business. Her blog this week strays from the subject of business and so that will be interesting to read. I have to read and edit that later or tomorrow.

I hope you have read a few of this weeks blogs and will tell your friends by sharing on Facebook or clicking the ‘like’ button. The page views for a zillion ideas went up over 10% so far this month, but we still need lots more readers. Please help make it a success by spreading the word. You can also try writing for a Zillion Ideas or even submit photographs. I’m open to all and any ideas!

Someone searched for a photo of a workhouse in sepia, this is what’s left of my local one. I made the picture sepia! It is copyrighted, but if it’s not for commercial use, you can use it; otherwise send me an email.

Workhouse in sepia

I think they could become fashionable again…

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