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Accept it–you could be better off

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We all tend to believe what we want to believe, but if we stop and accept some of the more difficult realities, we can be better off; not just financially, but we can actually be happier. Let me try to explain in very simple terms, because I want to see everyone better off and happier.

In most countries now there are health warnings on cigarettes. Right? Why? Because cigarettes are bad for your health. Right? So you don’t smoke or give up smoking, then you are better off. Right? You’re healthier, have more money, you are less breathless and you live longer. So why are people still smoking? Why are cigarettes still made? Why are they on sale in shops? Acceptance! People just won’t accept the truth. That they are bad for them.

How about illegal drugs? Good or bad? That one is easy, they are bad for you, but we still have people campaign to legalise them.  It isn’t all black and white though, some illegal drugs like cannabis might be useful for treating illness, but it has got itself a bad name. We do need to accept that all drugs can be bad for us; but they can also be necessary when we are sick.

Envy. Is Envy good or bad? Some people seem proud of their possessions and enjoy having others envious of their wealth, palaces and  servants. Are they happier than you? No! Accept it, they aren’t any happier, for all their wealth. You might even be happier!

People with money are more secure and feeling insecure can make us unhappy. If you feel financially insecure, then accept it and do something about it. What makes us feel financially insecure? Lack of money for our needs, but worse than that debt. Debt is evil when it comes to making us feel insecure and dependant; accept it and do something about your debts. Paying interest to a bank is a waste of money, but sometimes it is justified if it is for a mortgage and gives us a place to live. Paying interest on a credit card so we can own the latest gadget, sooner rather than later, just wastes money. Accept that fact and you will be much better off in the long run.

Why is romance so popular? It sells novels and is popular in movies and on television. Sex is also popular and accounts for the fact there are so many children! Accept these facts! This is one area of life where people really believe what they want to believe. Love won’t provide for you and your family. No, you don’t need to spend thousands on a wedding. No, you don’t need to get drunk and wake up tied to a lamp post on your stag night; you don’t even have to have a stag night.

We don’t have to do what society in the form of the government and the media tell us that we have to do. Wealth isn’t created by hard work. Put a man in a field with a spade and it will take him a month to dig it. Give him the tractor and the technology to plough the field and you have the application of science and technology; that creates wealth. Accept it!

There are lots of things that people find hard to accept. Some things like violence and murder are unacceptable and we should reject them. Some things like drugs we should be cautious of and make a decision whether to accept them or reject them based on evidence. In fact we have to look at the evidence when we are decided whether to accept or reject most things. Do we accept hearsay evidence and listen to rumour or do we insist on hard evidence. Empirical evidence, that is more reliable. Do we accept what we are told in the newspapers, on television, online and by our friends? What sources of evidence are reliable? Who does empirical research? Who should we trust? Accept it. We do know the answers to these questions. We know that science and technology moves us forward and  there are people whose greed holds us back as a society.

I hope today’s post has made you think. You can find more amazing blogs on the home page.

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