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Accepting reality and the nature of reality. #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and spring is here! The equinox was yesterday and so now we can look forward to daffodils, tulips and the blossom coming on the trees. I can also look forward to better photographs. I’ll be out taking photos this afternoon. We have a white sky and temperatures should be in double figures today. I’ve been thinking about accepting reality and the nature of reality this weekend.

accepting reality

Accepting reality

When the virus first jumped from animals to humans in Wuhan, I was talking to my friends in China and Hong Kong so I knew the situation was serious. It didn’t affect me though and my thoughts were to do with how I could help my friends. I was aware of the shortage of masks here and things quickly escalated over the next few months. When the virus arrived in the UK I began to warn people here and help them accept the reality of the situation and stop close contact with other people such as hugging each other. People couldn’t accept it and when a pandemic was declared I found it hard to accept the full horror of what might happen. I knew millions could die and the death toll in this country could run into 6 or seven figures. It has run to 6 figures and is still climbing. In the early days of the pandemic, Boris was shaking hands with people who he knew had the virus and then went to a Rugby match! He was super-spreading it. He couldn’t accept the reality of the situation.

The nature of reality

I often think about the nature of reality when I see people pay millions for works of art. They auction art and make people compete to own it. Do the people who buy it know that they could buy really useful things with that money? Do they know they could save lives with that money? Why are they refusing to accept reality? I take nice photos and recently I’ve done some prints. The sort you might have on your wall as a talking point and to make your living room nicer. They won’t be bought for millions by an art gallery and they aren’t impressionist. They are what they are; they are real and based in reality. They are an expression of my art and made with some skill but I didn’t throw paint at a canvas in some deluded frenzy. There is lots of art in galleries that wouldn’t sell at a car boot sale. That is the reality; the art experts are often caught in a collective delusion divorced from reality.

Accepting reality and the nature of reality.

We are in a pandemic, we must accept the reality of it and do what we can to survive. I’ve been isolated from people, I’ve worn a mask and I’ve had my first vaccination. Most importantly, I’ve stayed free of infection. I will wander around taking photos today and forget the pandemic; well, put it to the back of my mind whilst having a mask in my pocket in case of potential contact with other people. Accepting reality can send you a little crazy and give you bad dreams and nightmares. You do need a break from reality and allow your mind to drift off to a safer place occasionally. You keep a mask handy though and definitely don’t hug people.


We will have over 12 hours of light today and I’m hoping the sun will break through the cloud a little. There is a lot more light and so I should get some better photos. I want to wander around the town centre and see if they have started improving it and take more photos of the buildings and their interesting features. I’ll have my mask handy just in case I meet someone. I think I have enough petrol for today’s trip but a mask might be needed to buy petrol. The reality is being prepared and then I can relax and enjoy taking the pictures. It is a shame I won’t be able to stop and chat with people but we are still in a pandemic; that will stay in the back of my mind.

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