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Access to the neural labyrinth #ramble #thoughts

It is Sunday morning and so once again I let you into that neural labyrinth that is my mind and share my thoughts with you. It is –1 Celsius and so you can guess that the weather is on my mind. As usual, on a Sunday, I also have an outing in mind to take some photos. Where can I go this week and will I get out of the car and brave the cold? I do try to take shots from the car if I can! They can be quite interesting shots.

thoughts from the neural labyrinth

Oh, for a title

I went to a writer’s group yesterday and we discussed thinking of titles and I suggested one for a story about UFO’s over Barr Beacon. That was my title, which they thought was too obvious. I do have to think of obvious titles that say what my story is about because I publish on the internet and I have to pander to search engine bots. Anyway, I need a title for this post and a keyword for the search engines.

The neural labyrinth

The difference between poetry and prose is not that poetry rhymes but that poetry has a distinctive style and rhythm. We discuss poetry at our writers’ group and I have to be honest, I find it difficult to write, but then, I do like a challenge. The words themselves are important in poetry as they are in prose. My title includes the words neural labyrinth and that is far more poetic than the nervous system.  I’ve got my keywords and I have my title now and so I can relax and allow the words to flow naturally. Writing is a complex exercise as is taking a good photograph.


I took some photographs at an event some time ago and I was told how good they were but they weren’t very good. I had to zoom in on them to see the ‘noise’ which showed up as pink, purple and white dots in the pictures. They looked good on a tablet or phone screen but on a computer screen, they looked awful. They would have looked awful in print too. I found out it was because I had something called ISO sensitivity turned on in the settings on my camera. I had no idea what that was but I turned it off and I’ve been taking better photos since. It has taken me a couple of years to figure out that I actually had automatic ISO turned on. The camera adjusted for low light but I really needed to use the flash. The auto settings on the camera are no substitute for the photographer knowing what he is doing! I know how to use that setting now and when it should be on and when to turn it off. It will actually come in useful except under fluorescent light.

Waiting for summer

I take unusual shots and if I like them, I repeat them. It’s a shame this picture isn’t zoomed in a little bit more, then it would be identical to the winter shot. That is what creativity is all about, whether it be writing, photography or performance art. We have to try to create something new. I might try writing poetry this week. I might be better at writing limericks because I like writing comedy. Comedy doesn’t have to be so lyrical it just needs to be amusing. I like doing plays on words and often think of puns to amuse.

I’m over my 500 words this morning and so I suppose that is enough. I’ll be back writing about photography on Tuesday. In the meantime, you can subscribe or check out ideas on my Facebook page.

If in doubt use lots of pictures…

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