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Adapt to the conditions #photography

Every photo-shoot is different and you have to adapt to the conditions. I went to a book launch in the library on Saturday. I set the white balance on fluorescent. It was a cold day and the people I was photographing looked slightly red-faced. The natural light coming through the window made their faces look a little purple! I changed to auto-white balance and it improved things a little. When I was editing I changed some of the pictures to monochrome.

adapt to the conditions


The above shot was a bit of an experiment. The ISO was on 800 and I tried different apertures and this one was on f/16 which give a interesting bokeh. The subject was about 30 ft. away and I zoomed in with a 28 – 300 lens. Often to get an interesting and artistic picture you just have to experiment and see what you get.

Perfect conditions

I didn’t really need to adapt to the conditions to take this picture. The conditions were just about perfect but I still experimented a little and went for a faster shutter speed than I would normally use because I had lots of light. I wanted the picture to be really sharp. I shot it at f/8 and got 1/640 of a second on aperture priority. That was fast enough to freeze any camera shake. I used this picture for one of the new art cards.


On the History of Wednesbury Facebook page, I find pictures of pubs are the most popular and elicit lots of memories. I hope in the future my pictures will do the same. I’m building an archive of pictures that I can leave for the generations that follow. My pictures are sharper and much better now so I’ll be leaving good quality pictures behind.

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