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Addicted or social relationship?


I read an article over the weekend about new research into addictions. It suggested that people can get addicted to all kinds of things because the addictive substance becomes a replacement for our connections to other people. I think it meant we fail to relate to other people.


We form all kinds of relationships and it’s not unusual to see the person who lives alone finding company in a bookies and becoming addicted to gambling. Life can become so hard people try to stay absorbed in something else.

Obviously easing the pain and loneliness of life by playing a slot machine or watching horses racing day after day isn’t healthy. People also get addicted to stimulants like the caffeine in tea and coffee. Drugs that combat anxiety are also addictive and so is alcohol for the same reason.

This theory about the lack of supporting relationships makes sense. It doesn’t make sense to only rely on one person for support. We should have a family to support us and when they are not around, a community to support us. We are social animals and we should be fostering a society that is supportive. Many people in the UK understand this and so we have a developed social security system and a national health service that provides support for free, at times of crisis.

There are people who have known few problems in their lives that think we should all compete. This mantra of survival of the fittest, seems to align with Darwin’s theories of evolution. Those theories seem valid, but aren’t humans separate from the other animals? We are the species that is most developed, most sophisticated and continuing to develop. Isn’t survival of the fittest, an evolutionary step back? Do we really want to fight over the bananas like monkeys?

Socialism is a dirty word to many people, but can’t we support each other more? Many people in Britain wave the Union flag and claim to be proud to be British. I had a conversation yesterday with someone from China who is my house guest. She told me that the British are very helpful; there are more ‘gentlemen’. That makes me proud to be British, we volunteer to behave in an acceptable way and form relationships based on reciprocal need. The American’s call it paying it forward. The British call it doing the decent thing. Whatever you call it, be one step up from the monkeys and the apes and recognise we are social animals and we must have simple rules that allow us to form relationships of all kinds. We cannot isolate ourselves and rely only on our ‘loved’ ones. We have to act as one species, so everyone is included regardless of colour, race, sex or whatever. We must also avoid the temptation to become addicted to just one person, with the exclusion of everyone else.

Thanks for reading, if you disagree, you are probably antisocial and maybe an addict as well. What do you think? Please share those thoughts in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter  for tweeted updates.

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