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Adjust to a new normal? #life

I don’t think life will ever be the same again. The pandemic is forcing us to adjust to a new normal. We have to take responsibility for our own health more and our own wellbeing. We have to think before we meet people or have any contact with people. We have to think about all the risks and consider if we need to improve our diets and perhaps lose some weight. Holidays might have to be in a country that is low-risk or even a British holiday. Maybe the ‘new normal’ can revive our struggling seaside towns?

adjust to a new normal


People have been cooking more and sales of things like cooking ingredients have risen substantially. Sales of tea, sugar and cakes have risen too as afternoon tea has become a revived trend. The boom has helped some food companies survive the economic downturn but will people who have worked at home continue to work at home. Even working at home part-time might be possible now people have worked out how to do it efficiently and keep themselves motivated.

Adjust to a new normal

Some people have found money is short as their incomes have fallen but others have saved money. Not going out boosted people’s savings and that is borne out by the increased deposits that the banks have seen. With savings and healthy bank balances will some people make a habit of saving more and keep those healthy bank balances? Certainly, people have been feeling more insecure and a healthy bank balance can make us feel more secure and in control. As we adjust to a new normal, are people taking a step back and looking at how their lives are going and considering what is important and what is not?

Worst-case scenario

Now one of the worse case scenarios has actually happened a worldwide pandemic are we going to go back to life as before or become more aware of existential threats like climate change? Maybe we will take Greta Thunberg more seriously now we have actually been exposed to an existential threat? We might even consider our quality of life and realise that fish and chips on Brighton beach can be much more enjoyable than sunburn on a Spanish beach!

Photography and art

I’ve become more interested in practising my photography and art and have taken up painting. I also bought a PlayStation! I played Grand Theft Auto last night. I hope there are better games than that. I hoped for some cool car races and I actually had a part in a bank robbery and then stole a car but only got half a mile in it. Maybe when I’m used to the controller it will be better! Anyway, I will adjust to a new normal. I am also considering organising a ‘free art’ event. I need to keep making life interesting!

That’s all for today. What will your ‘new normal’ be like? If you would like to follow my blog just enter your email address in one of the spaces provided or follow me on Twitter for links to the latest posts. Those links are also on my Facebook page

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