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Advice for budding writers #writing

One one the best pieces of advice I can give budding writers is to buy a camera. You can say so much more with a picture! This picture is the Birmingham canal at Tipton, where I’ll be again next weekend.

I think the light will be poor next weekend, so I’ve already started to plan what pictures I’ll take and what camera settings I’ll use. The camera was on manual for this picture and I had plenty of time to get what I wanted. At events, sometimes, you need to capture the moment and so I often use the sports setting for that. In poor light, a higher ISO will compensate for the light and then aperture priority will make setting the camera for decent shots quite quick.

If you follow this blog, you’ll know I write about different subjects. Often on Monday, it’s psychology or just something about ‘life’. I often write about photography on Tuesday and sometimes on Wednesday too. On Thursday, I write about saving money. I save with Zopa and you can see the link in the sidebar. I not only get about 4% interest (5% over 5 years) but also get money for introducing people. Many people waste their money on contracts; especially for mobile phones. I just bought a phone and top up with Giff Gaff every 3 months.

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I occasionally buy a ‘goody bag’ when I think I’ll be using my phone more, like at Christmas.


I don’t give advice on investments, but I do write about investments on Friday. I think I’ll be selling some shares today, but that decision will be made at the last minute.


I really need something to write about on Saturday. I don’t have a subject set anymore and it takes some time to think of something. Sometimes there is something topical to write about or I can choose history or art.

On Sundays, I try to write about whatever is on my mind and try to write humour, but humour is never easy. Humour doesn’t always travel well, what we British find funny isn’t universally funny.

I suppose my best advice is to learn and to be diverse in your learning and experiences. Then as a writer, you have more to write about and your style is not the same as every other writer.

That’s it for today, you can follow this blog by entering your email address in the space provided in the sidebar  or you can follow me on Twitter for updates. If you would like to try writing for A Zillion Ideas, send me an email.

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