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A Nice Meal

It’s nice to have a meal out and it saves cooking, but how long does it take to do a gourmet meal like a salad using king prawns; a few minutes! You can add a handful of chips if you need to. All you need is a few king prawns, pink salmon out of a tin, ice berg lettuce, fresh tomatoes and a choice of pickle and maybe salad cream. The great thing  is, it’s cold and so ideal to take on a picnic! Now all you need is someone to share it with!

A Day Out

That picnic would be a good idea for a frugal day out by a lake or walking around a nature reserve.There are other places for a day out, museums, art galleries and nature trails. Where I live there are lots of canals and so a picnic at the side of the canal and maybe tea later at a canal side cafe wouldn’t break the bank.

A Film on TV

Before you go out on the picnic or anywhere else for that matter check what’s on TV and consider setting your recorder to record something while you’re out. We often miss daytime films because we can’t be bothered to check what’s on. It doesn’t need to be a film, if you’re planning a night in with someone then record something that they like. It could be a soppy film, sport, dancing on ice; whatever. Then get some nibbles and something to drink and plan out your evening of frugal sharing.


Shopping for new clothes and then dressing up is always a treat and doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can forage for bargains in the sales or in charity shops where you will often find new or nearly new clothes. The big retailers like Matalan have almost constant sales and always have bargains. Think about changing your existing wardrobe with new and different accessories. You get a new look and a new scarf is cheaper than a new coat!

A sensuous bath

Taking a sensuous bath and then getting into bed between clean sheets can be quite luxurious. Make sure the bath is scented and the sheets are clean and if you can, share the experience. Some people use candles to create the mood, but be careful not to start a fire. A bedside lamp in the bedroom with the main light switched off, might do the trick; if you have a bottle of something at the side of the bed and a couple of glasses.


An evening playing a game with someone you’re close to can be fun especially if you put a little planning into it. Get the nibbles and drinks in advance; you could even consider dressing up! Whey…

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