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Age of the image #photography #art

Last night, I watched Age of the Image on BBC 4. It demonstrated very clearly the power of images, both still images and moving images. I think we are in the age of the image with digital cameras and mobile phones with built-in cameras. However, not all of those images are good images. Some of those images are badly composed, some will be blurred and so on. Even when we take out all the bad ones we are still left with millions of very good images on every subject, recording life in the 21st century.

age of the image

Professional photographers

Despite the fact that most people have a camera these days and can take thousands of pictures at a low cost, there is still a place for the professional photographer. Wedding photographers will get the images just right and adjust the white balance to get the colour as near to perfect as possible. Professional photographers record the important events and will continue to do so. 

Age of the image

In this age of the image, photography is now being recognised as an art. Photographers are beginning to think of themselves as artists and they are not just recording life in the 21st century but also telling stories or exposing stories.

Community photography

As a community photographer I can photograph events and show a part of life than isn’t normally seen and recorded. I get to see the more minor events that the press photographers miss. I’ve also had a few photographs in exhibitions and so I add to the sense that photography is art.


Photography is multi-purpose, it can be used to inform and educate. The images can promote events or fashions. It can be used as part of propaganda to change what people believe or to influence what people believe. It can also be used as a simple tool to entertain people.

Social media

Social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest as are the mass mediums that allow us to share our photos. That makes this, the age of the image.

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