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Age of the image #photography

Last night I watched Age of the Image on BBC iPlayer. it explored historical images and the power of the image to deliver a message. We all produce images now and the selfie is our modern-day equivalent of a portrait. Some bloggers are now called “influencers” and they use images to influence people. The image is a photograph but it is wrapped in words that enforce the messages. This truly is the age of the image, images are everywhere.

age of the image

Still life

The traditional subject for still life is a bowl of fruit. I didn’t have a bowl! I’ve photographed my fruit and added just one word and it creates a message. It’s quite a powerful image and I can add to it with even more words. The grapes were sweet and delicious and the kiwi fruit were a succulent treat. I had to look up a synonym for delicious and it gave me succulent! The language is important and we should consider details in our photography and take care of the details in our writing if we have a message to convey.


I curate photographs as an admin of the History of Wednesbury on Facebook and those images tell a story. The story conveyed by an image can be enhanced and made more powerful by a few words and I now add a border to the images and add a title. That isn’t a great deal of information but I can also add a comment that will tell the story or convey a message. I’ve made the page about culture, not just history and it is now like the town newspaper with an emphasis on culture and community.

Age of the image

This is certainly the age of the image for us bloggers. Some blogger want to be influencers, some want to make money. If you can create good images you can influence at a glance. Combine your blog with a presence on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and you have as powerful medium to sell your products, ideas and views. The internet is interactive too and you can build a relationship with your followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Creating the images

You can create your images with a cell phone, a bridge camera or a DSLR as I do. It is important to create good images so why not follow my blog and read the ideas and tips every week as I share my knowledge of photography? I use my camera to create images with a message or a purpose. I’ve recently been photographing our conservation zone and I will be recording the changes to it over the next three years. The project gives people a sense of history and a sense of being part of the community. The interactive nature of the internet and social media gives them a voice and the image gives them an opportunity to voice their feelings and ideas.

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