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Aldi heats up the supermarket wars #thrifty

The big supermarkets have been trying to fight back against the discounters and Aldi in particular, but now Aldi is fighting back with a revamped website and more offers in store.

Super six

The Aldi super-six today are lemons (5), swede, red onions (1kg), baking potatoes (4), parsnips (600g) and chantenay carrots (500g). They are all 59p each. If you click that link it tells you what the super six are but not the price! Check it out anyway because it gives you lots of other in-store fruit and veg prices.

You can now buy wine by the case on Aldi’s website. The cases are 6 bottles and standard delivery is free.

Today’s special buys are really mixed and include clothing, DIY and winter products. Check those out on the website.

The Sunday special buys include a rice cooker and mini-woks. The general theme is cooking and keeping warm.

There are bargains for new moms in next Thursday’s special buys, so they are worth checking out.

Tesco has a clearance event but didn’t inspire me to buy anything. They could learn a few lessons from Aldi. Once you lose customers to the discounters, it is hard to get them back.

I bought some clothes not long ago, some from a very fashionable store, some from Amazon and some from Matalan.  The expensive knitwear from the fashion store is developing holes and the tee shirts lose their colour when they are washed. The jeans from Amazon were fine, they were Wrangler, but quite expensive. The tee shirts and knitwear from Matalan were great, but they never seem to have decent jeans or shoes. I think the winner is probably Matalan on price and quality. I nearly forgot the boat shoes from Amazon, they aren’t real leather and worked out a little small, I can’t wear them for very long without them hurting my toes. The espadrilles from Matalan aren’t waterproof but they are more comfortable than slippers. I wear them all the time, except when it rains which is all the time… I really need new shoes, ones that are leather and stretch a little and  are waterproof.

It seems food prices are stable and petrol prices are lower. The luxury goods that attract VAT have increased by about 1% over the past year. Inflation has been low, which is good for people with savings but not so good for people with debts. It’s not good for the government who normally inflate away their debts. The general opinion of many economists is the world economy will go into another recession before long. This could mean more quantitative easing which could stoke up inflation again.

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