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Looking for alternative investments

I’m looking for alternative investments while the Brexit chaos continues. The obvious alternative to the banks is peer-to-peer lending. I prefer Zopa which is giving me returns of over 5% but is slightly riskier than the banks. Other alternative investments could be to try to buy in bulk to save money rather than actually making money. I even buy in bulk to save on trips to the supermarket, saving me money on petrol.

alternative investments

Alternative investments

Which alternative investments suit you depends on your interests. Look at saving money instead of making money. Try to get a new angle on money altogether. Changing your perspective on life can save money. If you need to lose weight, buy less food. It seems an obvious solution to the weight problem but will also save money and so is a financial investment as well as an investment in your health and well-being.

Emotional returns

You can invest not only to gain money or save money but for emotional returns. Emotional returns on investments are those things that make your life happier or more contented. Ask questions about your life and determine what causes you stress. Do you need a holiday? You might re-evaluate the kind of holiday that you need and decide on a more relaxing holiday that will allow you time to think and enjoy some quiet time. It might be more beneficial than a holiday where every moment has to be fun-packed excitement. An alternative investment can be one that invests in your well-being and that of your family.


We always have to consider risk when we’re thinking about investments. We think about financial risks but when we’re investing in a new car we should consider risks to our safety and health. Our well-being should be a higher priority than our status for example. Status symbols can be useful, the mayor makes an impression when he or she turns up in a chauffeur-driven limo but how effective is an expensive car when most of the time we leave the car on a car park? Our clothing is a more obvious symbol of status than a car or a mansion.

To find your alternative investment, you will need to apply some lateral thinking and try to look at your life and money differently.

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