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Am I getting paranoid?

Lake summer 2011

I’ve used a picture of an English summer from 2011 today. Remember summer? Last year; it was rain, rain and more rain. There was a rumour that they were messing with the weather, trying to stop it raining on their Jubilee and Olympics.

I suspect that it all went wrong and then potatoes rot in the fields. I don’t trust the establishment. They’re all power mad.

Every time I see more speed humps, cameras, or those signs that read your number plate. I wonder who runs the company that gets the contract to do the work. These things seem bloody useless to me, they block the end of streets, slow traffic to a crawl and make driving a nightmare. I always wonder. Who got a nice meal out as an incentive to sign a contract? Whose brother in law is on some committee on the council? It’s the same when they put those skate board things in the park. Those things must cost a bloody fortune. When they put these things in, another ‘health and safety’ committee comes along and wants all the kids to wear helmets and safety gear. Then they’re covering all the concrete in rubber wallpaper, just in case one of the little dear falls over and grazes a knee. We always had grazed knees when I was a kid, that was why they invented short trousers, so you wouldn’t get a hole in the knee. Grazed knees were proof that you were adventurous, an arm in a sling was something to be proud of. The health and safety crowd try to wrap kids in cotton wool now and it doesn’t work. It’s like Volvo drivers, they feel safe in a Volvo, so they saunter along in the outside lane at 40 totally unaware that you’re behind them calling them names under your breath. They think they’re in a safe car, so they get careless, it’s the same with kids. They don’t look both ways to cross the bloody road, they expect someone else with a white coat and a multi coloured lollipop to do that for them. Else they think they should have technology, press a button and all the traffic stops for miles while they saunter across the road, while sending a text to their mates or updating their Facebook profile.

I don’t trust the government either. Cameron was on TV again the other night. He does his best to sound convincing, but he isn’t. They seem to be putting people in their place, rather than trying to  sort out economic problems. The budget in 2014 will probably be a give away for the middle classes to buy their votes. I read British companies have piles of cash waiting to invest it. The Telegraph said that pile of cash is around 750 billions. Imagine that being invested in the economy. It would not only bring it out of recession, but Jeeves and Wooster might even win the next election.

I’m suspicious about things as well. I think some things are made to wear out. I think anything that costs over 100 pounds should have a five year warranty, backed up by law. That would stop them selling us crap and ripping us off. It’s the people who can least afford it, that get ripped off and kids whose toys fall apart on the first day.

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