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Amazing images #photography

Have you noticed how many photographers get really amazing images for magazines and calendars? How do they do it? Part of the answer is to plan the competition photo and then you have to be lucky with the light.

Brunswick park - amazing images

I took this photo in Brunswick Park in 2014 and it is quite good. It has depth and the pattern of the fence adds interest. I did take over 50 photos and I have picked the best one out and so just selecting the best shot is important.

bramble - amazing images

Amazing images

You can get amazing images by zooming in with a wide aperture as I have done for this photo. I have the bramble sharp and you can see the variegation of the leaves and the thorns.

monochrome - amazing images


You can turn unusual photographs into amazing images just by converting them to monochrome. I changed this one to grey scale and then added a slightly green tint.

Moorcroft Junction - amazing images

To turn a nice landscape into an amazing image, you need an interesting scene with lots of depth. The trees are a little overgrown near Moorcroft Junction on the Walsall Canal and gave this image quite an unusual look. The image has lots of depth as the canal goes away from us and the tree on the right adds depth too. The image would have been better with a few narrowboats passing through.



Getting amazing images at an event is more difficult and the light isn’t always ideal. At this event the light was really bad and eventually it was rained off. You have to look for opportunities to take photos that capture the mood of the event. These events are part of our history and the photographs can be used time and time again to remind us of the past.

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