Amicron and Qanon #ramble

It’s Sunday morning, so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. For the past 9 days I have been doing the January challenges from 64 Million artists. Today’s challenge was about the food that is important to our culture. I  did a bit of research and found a 15th  century recipe for “gray pays”, a traditional dish associated with the Black Country.



Today’s picture is Wednesbury High Street, the town has received funding for improvements as a heritage action zone. I might take a look at it today and see if the appearance of the shopping area has improved. We will have a cultural programme to promote shopping in the town but the spread of omicron is making that difficult.


Omicron is spreading like wildfire and we have over a 1,000 people across the town infected. The omicron variant doesn’t appear to cause such a serious illness in most people and the spread does appear to be slowing so maybe community immunity is building and we are nearing herd immunity?


Qanon that conspiracy group spreading their ridiculous anti-restrictions and anti-vaccine disinformation is now finding their leaders are dying from covid. One claimed it wasn’t covid but bacterial pneumonia. Of course, the knuckle dragging moron doesn’t know that covid paves the way for pneumonia. Give him some ivermectin and send him home! Trump was to blame for all that stupidity as he also was for the attack on the Capitol building. The Republican Party was to blame for selecting him and now needs to dump the moron –  fast. They need to stop funding right-wing groups in the UK too.

Omicron and Qanon

Omicron and Qanon are both nasty bugs we don’t want in the UK. The US far right has funded morons like Tommy Robinson and encouraged morons like Farage. Stay out of the UK and keep you morons on a lease. Democracy underpins our way of life. We like to be peaceful and civilised. Your mob rule has no place in Britain.

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