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An English weekend


The weekend is here and we have sunshine in England! After last year’s rain that washed out many events like the carnivals we are hoping for a better summer. It begins today with a half marathon between the cities of Wolverhampton and Birmingham. It will be an unusual run along the tow path of the canal.

I shall be out this weekend taking more photographs . By a strange coincidence I was planning on photographing narrow boats on that canal. It is a good weekend for a barbecue or a picnic and I’m sure supermarkets are well stocked with salad and burgers for this weekend.

Summer picnic ideas was Friday’s post if you need ideas for your weekend picnic in the park. In some parts of the world it’s far too hot to be out in the day, but why not have an evening picnic when it’s cooler?

Thrifty Thursday | seeking out the bargains was all about saving money as usual. There’s a list of money saving tips this week!

Keep calm we’re British was Wednesday’s post about the nature of British society and the divisions within it.

Neodigital Art | High definition editing was Tuesday’s art and photography post with more photos taken with my Nikon and edited with PhotoScape. They are getting more artistic!

Psychology | In search of happiness was Monday’s psychology post. I find psychology a fascinating subject and who doesn’t want to be happy?

A summer Sunday in June was Sunday’s post and a ramble about, whatever was on my mind on Sunday morning. I shall be back tomorrow, with another ramble about something or other…

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